Friday , 12 February 2016

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O+ Announces Upsized Phablet


Another O+ smartphone has been released O+ has officially announced their newest smartphone, dubbed the O+ Upsized. The new phone sports a combined 40GB of storage space, though that particular feat is achieved via a free 32GB microSD card with every purchase, since the storage capacity of the O+ Upsized is a mere 8GB. O+ Upsized 1.3GHz quad core processor …

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Watch: Myphone my36 Video Review


Check out our video review for the MyPhone my36! A few weeks ago we reviewed MyPhone’s my36, and today we’re giving you the same review in video form. We’ve gotten a few requests to do this particular video and to showcase the phone’s gaming performance as well as the overall design, so that’s exactly what we’re doing with the video …

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Huawei Outs Y6 Pro with 4000mAh battery


A budget device with a big battery? Huawei has recently announced the newest member of their Y family – the Y6 Pro. Regular readers should be acquainted with this particular smartphone by now, since it’s essentially a global variant of the China-bound Enjoy 5 released last year. Huawei Y6 Pro specs 1.3Ghz MediaTek MT6735 quad-core processor Mali-T720 GPU 2GB of …

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Be Like Megaman – Databliz Now Selling Limited Edition Megaman Headphones And Joystick Grips


Super cute headphones! Looking to be more like your half-boy, half-robot Megaman? Then this might be up your alley – Datablitz has announced that they are now carrying the limited edition MegaMan Capcom Headphones and Megaman Capcom Performance Joystick in their stores. While we’re more partial to the actual helmet of the iconic blue pint-sized superhero, the headphones are still …

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What Would You Do If The NTC Bans Free Facebook?


Let’s talk hypotheticals Yesterday we told you about India’s equivalent of the National Telecommunications Commission¬†banning both free Facebook and the company’s free website access initiative, on grounds of net neutrality. Net neutrality, for those not in the know, is the principle that internet service providers should enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source and without …

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Duterte Turns To The Masses For Campaign Funding, Outs Scratch Cards


The scratch cards are traceable sources of campaign funding Presidential aspirant Rodrigo Duterte is turning towards unconventional means for his campaign funds. The Davao mayor has outed scratch cards with denominations ranging from Php 25 up to Php 500,000. The scratch cards come in a variety of designs and materials – the cheaper cards priced from Php 25 to Php …

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India Bans Free Facebook, Over Net Neutrality Worries


No more free internet The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has banned and free access to the app in the country, citing that the initiatives violated the principles of Net Neutrality. offered free access to several websites included local news, weather forecasts, Wikipedia and a number of other sites. Net Neutrality rules basically says that no telecommunications provider …

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You Can Now Stream Torrents From Pirate Bay Direct Via Torrent Time


Easier than ever to stream (possibly pirated) content online While DRM has made pirated games harder to come by, that’s not an issue at all with other forms of entertainment like movies, TV shows and music. Torrents Time is essentially an embedded torrent client that lets users download and play files inside torrents automatically, without the need to download and …

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Spotted In The Wild, No More Protruding Camera


Samsung’s newest flagship has lost the protruding camera Samsung’s slated to release their next flagship, the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on Feb. 21, but it seems that a device has been released early to the wild. Vietnamese tech outfit Review Dao has apparently managed to get their hands on an early device that matches the renders of the new …

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Twitter Joins Chinese New Year Celebrations


#KungHeiFatChoy Pilipinas! Tweet your #HappyChineseNewYear greetings to your followers and unlock this angpao emoji! — Twitter Philippines (@TwitterPH) February 8, 2016 Get the CNY emoji! Twitter Philippines is getting into the Chines New Year festivities by giving its users access to a unique angpao emoji. Twitter users simply have to tweet #HappyChineseNewYear to their followers to gain access to …

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