Monday , 30 May 2016

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Starmobile Partners with A1 Driving School


Starmobile just announced that it has partnered up with the country’s premiere driving school, A1. With the partnership in place, both companies aim to bring driver’s education to a whole new level by incorporating mobile technology into its driver’s ed programs. A1 students will start to see Starmobile devices such as: the Engage 10 Pro and the Starmobile UP Max …

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Flash Plus 2 Review: Better Than The Original?

Flash Plus 2 14

We review the Flash Plus 2! If you haven’t heard, newly independent brand Flash has officially released their follow-up to last year’s hit the Flash Plus. This year the brand is looking to repeat their success with its successor, the Flash Plus 2. Does the Flash Plus 2 recapture the same fire that made the original so successful? Flash Plus …

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Vivo V3 Max Review: Arriving With A Bang

Vivo V3 Max 12

We review the Vivo V3 Max! Vivo may be a relatively unknown brand outside of China and India, but it’s a growing powerhouse nonetheless. A recent IDC report on the top vendors for the first quarter of this year put the Chinese manufacturer at the number 5 spot, muscling out fellow brand Xiaomi in to the magical top 5. Add …

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Sony’s Playstation 4 Has Sold Over 40 Million Units


We can still remember the first time we opened up our Playstation in the late 90’s. It has been the source of many hilarious childhood stories and forged many friendships. It’s safe to say that it has been our console of choice. We’ve been using and abusing our PS4 since we purchased ours. On May 22, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced …

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Gameplay Details for Pokémon GO Revealed


Nintendo and its developer for Pokémon GO, Niantic Labs, have really been keeping details about their game — set to hit mobile phones in the near future — on the down low; having field testers abide by strict confidentiality agreement to prevent leaks. From teaser trailers for the game and articles we’ve found online, we know that the goal is to …

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Samsung’s Galaxy C7 Mid-ranger Has Snapdragon 625, All-metal Body

Samsung Galaxy C7

A big mid-range phablet is coming Along with the smaller Galaxy C5, Samsung also unveiled their newest mid-range phablet, the Galaxy C7. Just like the C5 the C7 sports what looks to be an all-metal body, and shares the same skinny 6.7mm profile of its smaller brother. Samsung Galaxy C7 specs Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 octa-core processor 4GB of RAM 5.7-inch …

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Samsung Galaxy C5 Breaks Cover


Check out Samsung’s newest mid-range smartphone Samsung has announced over in China their newest mid-range smartphone, the Galaxy C5. At just 6.7mm thick, this metal mid-range device sports a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display (naturally) along with what looks to be an all-metal body that’s a big departure from the company’s A-series of smartphones. Samsung Galaxy C5 specs Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 …

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ZTE’s AXON 7 Has 6GB Of RAM And Snapdragon 820


6GB is the new normal Further proof that 6GB will soon be the norm for flagship phones, ZTE has officially announced their newest flagship, the Axon 7 with 6GB of RAM. Designworks, a company that’s worked with BMW, Mini and Rolls Royce in the past, has had a hand in the overall design of the new flagship, trying to give …

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HP Reveals New Gaming Lineup Under the Omen Sub-brand


HP just unveiled its new line of gaming laptops, desktop, and a 32-inch QHD monitor — which are now a part of their Omen sub-brand. The laptops start at a very attractive price point, $899 or P41948 for the 15-inch model and $980 or P45727 for the 17-inch model. They’ll come in different configurations but both will support up to …

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Xiaomi has entered the “Game of Drones”


Xiaomi has been teasing the release of the Mi Drone for a few days now and, thankfully, the wait is over. Last night, the Chinese company’s VP, Hugo Barra, officially unveiled their affordable contribution to the fast growing market of drone enthusiasts via a Facebook post and giving a presentation on Facebook Live as well. Here’s his Facebook post playfully …

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Flash 3 Specs Pop Up on GFXBench

Flash Plus 2 08

The Flash Plus 2 was just launched a couple of days ago and it looks like we’re going to see at least one more handset from Flash, as specs for an Alcatel Flash 3 just popped up on GFXBench. According to the screen cap below, the Flash 3 will sport the following specifications: 4.6-inch Display (1920 x 1080 Resolution) MediaTek …

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Huawei is Suing Samsung Over Patents


Samsung is entering into legal battles against another smartphone manufacturer and this time it’s against Huawei. Huawei has filed a law suit against Samsung in both China and the US over allegations that it has been violating patents on its cellular technology and software. According to our source, Huawei isn’t looking for a payout though. In an interesting move, they’re …

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