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Smart Gets Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Yours at Just Php 1799 a Month


Samsung’s latest flagship lands at Smart! Smart has announced that it has received Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4, and is ready to land in your hands (should you decide to get it). Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Samsung Exynos Octa processor (1.9GHz quad-core processor + 1.3GHz quad-core processor)/2.7GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor Mali-T760/ Adreno 420 GPU 3GB of RAM 5.7-inch QHD ... Read More »

From Launch To Sting: Uber’s Controversial History in the PH

Uber Manila

Here’s a timeline of Uber’s turbulent history in the PH Yesterday, the LTFRB conducted a sting operation against one of Uber’s drivers, impounding the vehicle for three months and levying a steep Php 200,000 fine. The hi-tech service was hounded by the LTFRB from its inception in the PH up to the actual sting operation that was conducted yesterday at ... Read More »

Head-to-head: THL 5000 VS. Xiaomi Mi 3


Which is better? We finished our review of the THL 5000, and got to thinking about its price. At around Php 10,599, the Mi 3’s price is pretty close to the THL 5000’s Php 11,990. Both devices couldn’t be more different from one another – one is a sleek, elegant flagship powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor, while the other is ... Read More »

[Op. Ed] LTFRB, You’re Making Our Lives Miserable by Shutting Down Uber


This Means War News just broke out that the LTFRB is going to fine Uber vehicles Php200,000 and they will impound the vehicles for 3 months at the LTO. This just smacks of hardcore lobbying by the affected taxi groups and reflects how shortsighted and backward thinking the officials are at the LTFRB. Robbed Twice in Cabs Almost everyone has ... Read More »

ZTE Outs Blade Vec Pro Octa-core Phone, Priced at Php Php 8,990

Blade Vec Pro 2

ZTE is getting in on the affordable octa-core game ZTE has announced through their local distributor MSI-ECS that the Blade Vec Pro has now hit the PH. The Blade Vec Pro is the company’s octa-core smartphone, with MSI announcing that it’s the “most affordable true octa-core phone in the market today”. ZTE Blade Vec Pro 1.4GHz octa-core MTK6592 processor 1GB ... Read More »

Not Enough Juice? This Easy to Follow Guide Helps You to Extend Your Battery


Simple and easy to follow guide for instant battery savings! We hate running out of battery, and there’s a big chance that when you do run out of juice, there’s going to be no wall socket or power bank in sight. UK retailer liGo knows your pain, and have made this nifty, exhaustive interactive guide that gives you tips and ... Read More »

ASUS to Launch New Zenfones and Zenwatch On October 28?


Are new Zenfones coming? ASUS is making a killing in the PH with their Zenfone line of products, and it’s no exaggeration that the public is ready for more. Well, there might be more coming – ASUS Japan has sent out invites for an October 28 event, with invites hinting on either new Zenfones and Zenwatches in the horizon, with ... Read More »

Rovios’ Retry Is A Flappy Bird Clone That Gets Things Right


Check out this new addictive game from Rovio! When was the last time you saw an Android game made by Rovio that didn’t feature birds, angry or otherwise? If the answer to that question is never, then we’re about to change that right now. Rovio has published a new, addictive game that’s not based on their hugely successful Angry Birds ... Read More »

LG’s Upcoming Smartphone is a 5.9-inch Phablet With Their Very Own NUCLUN Octa-core Processor


Meet the LG F490L Liger! LG is readying its next high-profile smartphone along the lines of the G2 Pro. Meet the hard to remember F490L Liger, which is probably a code name for the upcoming phablet. Aside from packing a 5.9-inch full HD IPS display in what looks to be a body that more than resembles the G3, the F490L ... Read More »

And the New Owner of the LG G3 From Unbox Is…..


We have a winner! Before we announce our winner, we have to thank everyone who sent their entries in! It took as a while to go through all the entries because there were so many, but in the end as they say, there can be only one. So, after intense deliberation, Unbox and LG has picked the entry from Sir ... Read More »

Microsoft Announces Local Availability of Lumia 830, Priced at Php 18,990

Tesla Marketing Image 02

Microsoft’s latest flagship arrives in the PH Microsoft has announced that the Lumia 830, the latest “affordable” flagship from the company has arrived in the PH with a price tag of Php 20,490 Php 18,990. The Lumia 830 is by far the weakest flagship in terms of hardware, it’s also the most affordable device launched by an international company so ... Read More »

[Editorial] Why Wireless Charging is a Must Have

Nilkin Wireless Charging Plate

Of all the features being advertised by a lot of flagship devices, wireless charging is probably the most underrated functionality. I’ve been a huge fan of this feature ever since I found out about it when I first got my trust Nokia Lumia 920. After trying it out and seeing how convenient it was for me, I made it a ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus Gets Posted on Samsung’s Website


A faster Galaxy S5 Samsung’s just posted a faster variant of the Galaxy S5 on their Netherlands webpage, dubbed the Galaxy S5 Plus. The S5 Plus was actually launched earlier in Singapore, and it seems that it’ll be seeing wider distribution sooner rather than later. The Galaxy S5 Plus is equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 processor running at 2.5GHz, which ... Read More »

Microsoft Drops Nokia Branding, Now Becomes Microsoft Lumia


No more Nokia phones It finally happened – Microsoft is officially dropping the Nokia branding on their Windows phones, replacing it with Microsoft Lumia. While we knew it was coming, it’s finally here and we’ll sorely miss the big ol’ Nokia logo emblazoned on those bright, colorful phones. Nokia as a company isn’t going away – the Finnish firm still ... Read More »

Cloudfone cuts Prices via their #BestDeals Promo

Best Deals 2 (18x24in)

It’s now even cheaper to own a Cloudfone! Cloudfone has announced that they’re cutting prices of many of their smartphones via their #BestDeals promo. You can now get a phone for as low as Php 1,599, and a tablet for just Php 3,299. Here’s the complete list of the devices that are being sold under the promo: 1) CloudFone Ice 350e ... Read More »