Monday , 31 August 2015
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High End Zenpad S 8 Get Listed On ASUS PH Website


You can expect the high-end Zenpad S to show up on the 29th Last week we told you that ASUS listed their 7-inch, Z370CG Zenpad on their website, while another user spotted the lower-end Zenpad C Z170CG listed by Villman. Today, another user has given us a heads up that the another member of the Zenpad family has joined the ...

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ASUS Cuts Price of 2013 Nexus 7, Starts at Just Php 7,995


Want a great tablet for cheap? ASUS is cutting the price of their 2013 WiFi only Nexus 7 models in the PH. The company has announced that the are pricing the 16GB and 32GB version of the Nexus tablet at just 7,995 and 9,995 respectively and are throwing in a free Travel Cover worth Php 795 to make the deal ...

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Editorial: For Xiaomi, It’s The Chicken Or The Egg In The PH


Xiaomi has hard lessons to face When Xiaomi first entered the PH market last year, their arrival was hailed as beginning of the end for many local and international brands. And why shouldn’t it? Their Mi 3 at the time had an excellent price to spec ratio, coming in at more than half of the price of competing phones at ...

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ASUS Launching ZenPad Tablets in PH, Invites Fans To Join Them On July 30

ZenPad invite

ASUS’ ZenPad series of tablets are arriving in the PH at the end of the month ASUS has officially put a date to the official launch of their ZenPad series of tablets that they unveiled a month ago in COMPUTEX, Taiwan. The new tablets are expected to grace the PH market by July 30, and to commemorate the launch, the ...

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Samsung Makes Galaxy Tab S2 Official, Starts At Php 20K


This is Samsung’s latest flagship tablet And just like that, Samsung has officially made their newest flagship tablet, the Galaxy Tab S2 official. As expected the Galaxy Tab S2 sheds the 16:9 aspect ratio of the original and emulated the 4:3 ratio that Apple’s iPads currently use. As a result, the tablet now comes in both 8-inch and 9.7-inch variations ...

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Press Renders of Samsung’s Next Flagship Tablet Galaxy Tab S2 Leaks


Here’s Samsung’s next flagship tablet Samsung’s one of the few manufacturers left that still makes high-end, flagship tablets, thanks to their Tab S series of devices. We’re about due for a new one, so the new leak from comes right on time. The new leak shows that Samsung is moving away from the widescreen aspect ratio that their previous ...

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7-inch Zenpad C Z170CG Spotted for Php 5,995


One reader spied this online Yesterday we talked about the ASUS’ Zenpad, and it’s eventual launch here in the PH. Apparently one retailer has managed to get their stocks of the new tablet early – a reader has pointed us to the direction of Villman, who seem to have the Zenpad C Z170CG in stock for Php 5,995. ASUS Zenpad ...

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ASUS PH Teases Zenpad on Facebook, Lists 7-inch Model on Website


The Zenpad is coming! If you’ve been wondering when ASUS’ Zenpad line of tablets will arrive in the PH, listen up. The company has posted a teaser photo of the Zenpad in their official Facebook account here in the PH, with the caption “get ready for a new wave of innovation. Luxury is in your own terms.” ASUS Zenpad 7-inch Z370CG ...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 Hands-on, First Impressions: A Tablet For Artists

Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 09

We go hands-on with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A 8 Yesterday we officially attended the official launch of Samsung’s newest tablet, the Galaxy Tab A 8. We first featured that Galaxy Tab A 8 a few days ago, and many of you shared your thoughts on the specs, and features of the tablet. Of course on-paper specs don’t necessarily reflect a ...

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Xiaomi Moves Offline: Will This Mean More Or Less Sales?


Did they make the right decision? Xiaomi has always stated they were an e-commerce company first and phone manufacturer second when Unbox talked to their VP of Global, Hugo Barra. But the times, they are a changin’ – back in May the company announced that they would be moving to offline sales in India, a move that was mirrored here in ...

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Samsung Creates New Tech That Doubles Current Battery Life


Longer lasting batteries thanks to Samsung We’ve all had our own experience of a battery running out when we need our phone the most, but if Samsung is to be believed, we may have a solution to our current battery woes soon. The Korean company has developed lithium-ion battery tech that has the potential to double your phone’s current battery ...

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ASUS FonePad 8 Gets Android Lollipop Update


Priced at Php11,995, the ASUS FonePad 8 is still one of the 8.0-inch Android tablets to beat when it comes to value-for-money. We wrote about this device in detail during our full review and we found that it’s premium design, smooth user experience, great battery life, and SMS/call features made it an over-all fantastic package. If you own one of ...

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ASUS Ramping Up Promotions For ZenPad with New Videos


It looks like it’s only a matter of time before we see the commercial launch of the ASUS ZenPad series. Over the weekend, ASUS uploaded new promotional materials for the ASUS ZenPad 7.0, 8.0 and C 7.0. There’s a lot of emphasis on the design which is definitely a great tactic considering everyone else is just focused on specifications. The ...

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Xiaomi Officially Goes To Offline Sales In PH, Here’s The Stores Where You Can Find Them

Xiaomi Offline

Here are the stores where you can buy Xiaomi’s products Back in May we reported that Xiaomi is officially heading to offline sales in the Philippines, mirroring their strategy in India and today, Mi Philippines has officially confirmed that they have finished the process and are now in numerous physical stores in Manila, North and South Luzon, as well as ...

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 (LTE) Retails for Php15,990

Good alternative if you find the Galaxy Tab S models too expensive

Sony and Samsung are pretty close when it comes to the title of having the best premium Android tablet. Last year we saw the popular Samsung Galaxy Tab S Series go head to head with the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. Both devices were at the top of their game. However not a lot of people were able to bring ...

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