Sunday , 28 August 2016
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O+ USA Releases the Notepad 4G 2.0


A new 2-in-1 from O+ O+ USA has been primarily known for their Android smartphones, but did you know that they have 2-in-1 Windows devices too? They recently announced an upgrade for one of their devices, the Notepad 4G. The new Notepad 4G 2.0 combines Intel’s Atom Z8300 processor with a 10-inch display, and runs on Windows 10. It gets …

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Intel Discontinues Three Chips In SoFIA Line


A taste of things to come? Intel’s mobile efforts have been disappointing, to say the least. Their competitors have managed to steadily pull away from them in the past few years, and even ASUS, their biggest customer for mobile chips, is slowly replacing many of their phones with processors from Qualcomm. It comes as no surprise that the company has …

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Huawei Launches T1 7.0 Plus Tablet Via Lazada


Grab it via Lazada to get exlcusive stuff Today Huawei launched their T1 7.0 Plus tablet in the Philippines. The Huawei T1 7.0 Plus is an affordable tablet and is aimed at young professionals and students who want to have a tablet for casual gaming and media consumption. Huawei T1 7.0 Plus 1.2 GHz Spreadtrum SC7731G Quad-Core Processor 2GB of …

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MyPhone Officially Endorses Rodrigo Duterte


Highly unusual for any brand to endorse a candidate We’re roughly a month away from the upcoming presidential elections, and judging from our Facebook feed, everybody has their own opinion about all the candidates. Of course despite the heated debates about which candidate is better than the other, you can expect that high profile brands to keep clear of the …

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Apple Outs Smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro

iPad Pro 3

Finally easier to use and carry Aside from an updated 4-inch iPhone, Apple also announced a smaller version of the iPad Pro with a 9.7-inch Retina display. A smaller iPad Pro was inevitable, since the 12-inch version is a tad bigger than most people are used to. Apple’s sold tons and tons of 9.7-inch tablet models before, so it’s not …

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Samsung Silently Lists Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016) On Website


A modest tab for people on a budget Samsung has silently announced the refreshed iteration of their low-end Galaxy Tab A 7.0 (2016) on their websites recently. The new tablet has a 7-inch display with a resolution of 1280 x 800, and has a 1.3GHz processor along with 1.5GB (not a typo) of RAM. As far as cameras go the …

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Apple Sends Out Invites For March 21, New iPhone and iPad Expected

Apple 21 March event

iPhone SE and a smaller iPad? Rumors have been circulating about a possible new product release by Apple this month, and the company has just confirmed that by sending out invites for March 21. The tagline of the event, “Let us loop you in” doesn’t really tell us much, but thankfully the rumor mill has been hard at work and …

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Google’s Newest Rock, Paper, Scissors Ad Is Their Best Yet

maxresdefault (1)

Being different isn’t always a bad thing Google has been making truly awesome ads around their “be together, not the same” marketing campaign, and the newest one is just truly wonderful. In the newest ad, the search giant puts three icons that have been traditionally at odds at one another into a single team, and the result is a message …

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Huawei MateBook Hands-on: Very Capable and Sleek Hybrid for Professionals

The Huawei MateBook

We Go Hands-on with the Huawei MateBook After finding massive success in smartphones (Huawei registered +70% growth 2015 vs 2014), Huawei is now looking to expand their business in other consumer technology verticals. For the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Shenzhen-based tech giant just brought one new device: the Huawei MateBook, a hybrid Windows 10 laptop-tablet that’s made for …

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Huawei Announces MateBook, Their Own Take On Microsoft’s Surface


Huawei has entered the PC game Huawei has officially entered the PC game with their newest product, a 2-in-1 covertible dubbed the MateBook. The new convertible tablet integrates some of the lessons the company learned in creating their recent flagship phones and applied it writ large into a hybrid device. The tablet looks sleek and beautiful, and sports chamfered edges, …

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Alcatel Launches Its First Ever 2-in-1 Tablet With LTE, the Plus 10


The market is too tempting it seems Alcatel, a phone manufacturer that’s known for their affordable smartphones, has just announced their Plus 10 hybrid or 2-in-1 notebook. It’s a 10-inch Windows 10 tablet that has an IPS display and a removable keyboard dock, along with 4G connectivity. Processing duties is handled by a quad-core Intel Atom Z8350 running up to …

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ASUS Announces ZenPad M Series Of Tablets For Business

ZenPad M

These aren’t your typical consumer tablets While ASUS is known for their consumer products, few people know that the Taiwanese company also has products for professionals and businesses. The corporate world’s requirements are vastly different from regular peeps, which is probably the reason why ASUS launched their own line of business tablets, dubbed the ZenPad M series. The new tablets, …

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Xiaomi MiPad 2 Review: Welcome Windows 10


We review the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 Windows edition! Xiaomi announced the successor device to their highly popular Mi Pad tablet last year, and we gave you our take on the Android-powered tablet as soon as it was available overseas. Unfortunately, it’s only now that Xiaomi has released the Windows 10 powered variant of the device. Fortunately, we managed to …

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ARM Says Mobile Graphics Will Be On Par With PS4 and Xbox One By 2017

Will we be playing a full-fledged version of this game on our phones next year?

Will you be walking around with a PS4 equivalent in your hands next year? While mobile gaming has drastically improved over the years, they’re still no match to purpose-built gaming consoles like the PS4 and the Xbox One. Well, that’s about to change in a year or two, at least according to ARM – the people who design the architecture …

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Is There Still A Market For Tablets?


Would you still buy a slate if you were given the chance? While every month we see new phones released by multiple companies, it’s the complete opposite in the tablet category. It’s gotten so bad that we only reviewed a few notable tablets last year, which made slim pickings for our tablet holiday buyer’s guide. It’s not just us though: …

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