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AIAIAI Tracks Headphones Review

AIAIAI Tracks Headphones Review

The AIAIAI Tracks is a designer headphone that delivers excellent sound quality. In other words it looks great and it sounds awesome. This is a combination that you’ll rarely find in sub Php4,000 headphones. Fortunately the AIAIAI Tracks is able to deliver on both making it one of the best ultraportable headphones in the market today. There are only a few that can come close so if you guys are in the market for lightweight cans then you better listen up.


The designer of AIAIAI Tracks was definitely a funky person! It’s not everyday that someone will think of making detachable ear cups with interchangeable slider buttons that connects to an aluminum-like headband. Sounds weird? Well that’s exactly what you’re getting with the AIAIAI Tracks. It’s definitely a unique design but it has a lot of benefits.

Due to the lightweight but firm headband combined with the soft foam ear pads, the AIAIAI Tracks is very comfortable to wear. You can go on for hours and you won’t get ear or head fatigue (unless you max the volume… obviously your ears will hurt after a while, lol).

3-button in-line remote control with mic FTW

Of course we can’t leave out the in-line three button remote control with mic. This makes the AIAIAI Tracks the perfect ultraportable headphones to go with your smartphone.

Sound Quality

Now this is where you’ll get really surprised. Despite the small and thin form factor, the AIAIA Tracks has a full, powerful, and clear sound signature. I’m still amazed at how much good sound this thing can generate! I’ve tried a lot of portables in the same price range and I have to say that the AIAIA Tracks is definitely one of the best.

The treble is focused on the lower and upper-mid ranges giving it a rich, clean, and almost enthralling quality. It’s not too aggressive unlike what you usually get with other ultraportables. The bass is also just as good and balanced. The thump is there and you’ll sometimes where all the “oommpphh” is coming from given the form of the AIAIAI Tracks.

The sound signature is fun, easy to listen to, and goes well with a lot of genres.

Pricing and Availability

The AIAIAI Tracks sells for Php3,250 making it slightly more affordable compared to it’s closest rival, the Jays v-JAYS which is priced at Php3,500. They should be available in branches of Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box this May. We strongly suggest you call first (the branch) to make sure they have stock before you go and visit.


Beautifully made headphones

I don’t really have anything bad to say about the AIAIAI Tracks. Other than the great acoustics and stylish design, they also threw in extras like the black carrying pouch, the in-line remote control with microphone, and even extra color buttons for the slider! Win.

If you’re looking for ultraportable headphones and you like the funky design of the AIAIAI Tracks, look no further. This one is a no brainer folks. Get ’em while supplies last.

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  1. Despite the small and thin form factor. What I also like about the AIAIA Tracks is its full, powerful, and clear sound signature.

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