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Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Noise Canceling Headphones

Perfect for people who travel often

Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Noise Canceling Headphones

Blaupunkt, a German audio specialist company, is now in the Philippines with their line of noise canceling headphones! One of their most popular models is the Comfort 112 Noise Canceling Headphones and we happen to have a review unit with us courtesy of the local distributor. What’s so special about these cans? Well they’re focused on delivering you undisturbed music when you have them on. The active noise cancelation technology (powered by external batteries on the ear cups) will isolate you from the outside world letting you enjoy whatever it is you’re listening to in peace. This is perfect for people who are always traveling on planes and trains.

Comes in a printed carton box with transparent side to showcase the build quality of the headphones
Made from hard, durable plastic material. Design elements are simple, elegant, and classic.

In terms of build, the Comfort 112 is sturdy and classic. It has the black timeless look that you find in most premium headphones. For additional comfort it has very soft ear pads that definitely helps in reducing ear fatigue when you’re in for long listening sessions (or long flights, hehe).

To activate the noise cancelation technology you need to pop-in two batteries (the box comes with 2). The controls are on the sides of the ear cups. When turned on you will really get isolated from the world. We’ve tried this while on the MRT, on a plane, on a cab, and in the office and the results are all the same — deafening silence (lol).

For added mobility and protection, the Comfort 112 comes with a hard carrying case. It has all the accessories as well including the cable and various adapters.

Again, this is perfect for executives and entrepreneurs who are always travelling!

Pricing and Availability

The Blaupunkt Comfort 112 Noise Canceling Headphones retails for Php8,950 and it’s now available in branches of Astro Vision and Astro Plus. It should be available in Apple Reseller stores and other gadget shops in the future as well.

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