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Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X: Turbo Quad-core, 2GB RAM, 5.7-inch FHD

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2x
Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2x

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X

Cherry Mobile is preparing to launch a new 5.7-inch Full HD specced out phablet called the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X. The image above was posted on the Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2.0 Facebook Group and was subsequently featured by NoyPiGeeks and MobileTechPinoy. We don’t have all the details yet save for the partial spec sheet below.

Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X Partial Spec Sheet

  • 1.5GHz Turbo MediaTek Processor
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage (not sure if expandable)
  • 5.7-inch Full HD IPS Display
  • 18.0-megapixel primary camera
  • 8.0-megapixel secondary camera
  • HSPA+, 3G, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS/aGPS, FM Radio
  • Dual SIM, Dual Standby
  • Android Jelly Bean 4.2

Based on the image the SRP is Php12,399 and comes with a free Power Bank. Definitely intriguing. :O

We will exert all possible efforts to get a review unit ASAP.

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  1. FHD pero OMEGA HD pa rin. Dapat OMEGA FHD…

  2. Haha another sirain from CM.. 🙂

  3. Save your hard earned money and buy a Nexus phone. Hindi ka pa mahihiya na ilabas at ipakita ang phone mo sa mga tao.

    • sinong nahihiya maglabas ng capable CM phone?

      • I am a Spark TV user. pero ni minsan hndi ako nahiya sa tao. PROUD ako. konti lng kc pera q kaya eto lng nbili ko. compared to galaxy y mas ok to kasi ang galaxy y walang 3.5″ screen, Front cam, dual sim at may antenna.

        • I am a Cherry Mobile Cutie user… haha proud ako sa phone ko kasi ang cute… hindi ako nahihiya ilabas ang phone ko kahit na sa loob nang jeep…

    • I own a Omega HD 2.0 and I’m never ashamed of pulling it out of my pocket even though i have a iPhone,Xperia or even Samsung Phone user near me coz whenever I pull out my phone instead of me looking at their phone, they are the ones who looks at mine. Why?

      Bec of Modified Rom (S4 Look)

      i Play awesome HD games in front of them, facebook to my hearts content and the best part its that I don’t have to lower my phone’s brightness coz my battery system is tweaked so much that it can last up to 10 hours with the highest level of brightness with all of those task being done.

      Its not always the phone… Its the user that makes a phone stand out among others 🙂

    • e boba ka pla,lalabas mo tapos madedekwat lng kc mainit s mata ng snatchers. cgro mayabang ka or ngfifiling mayaman, lifes ful of $#*^

    • Mahi-hiya ba kamo? Eh sa tuwing nilalabas ko nga Omega HD 2.0 ko eh pinagkakamalang Samsung Phone nga eh…. Ako naman sasabihin ko Cherry Mobile lang yan…..

      So who says na nakakahiya ilabas?

    • Apple and HTC cellphone user.

      Ang yabang mo wala sa lugar, UU na ikaw madami ka pera, ano magagawa mo kung ang kaya bilhin ng tao ay CM, sempre kung ano ang binili nya magiging PROUD sya kasi galing sa pinagpagoran nya, kung meron ka nga CP na mamahalin like APPLE or SAMSUNG or HTC ay hinuhulogan mo naman or malamang ang pera na ginastos mo dun hindi sa sarili mong pinagpagoran.

      • ang reason qng bakit hate nila ang cm users ay dahil gumagamit cla ng malaking pera para makabili ng samsung, iphone, htc…

        tayo nakakabili tayu ng phone na may same specs sa mababang halaga…

        i own Cosmos Z…. at pg ngtatnong cla ng specs ng camera? parang gusto nilang crain ung phone ko hahaha

  4. i have started using CM phones early this year… i bought an OHD 2.0 on its 1st week of release then replaced it with Cosmos X2…now, i’m seriously thinking of buying this Omega HD 2x once its out in the market.. yes, i’m ashamed to brag about my CM phones…hahahaha….btw, my wife uses a CM TTV while my son has a CM Flare…

  5. im satisfied w/ my CM OH2.0 very good compare to high end w/ name

  6. hello? so dumb people are around here, first of all if you r planning to insult CM , Why dont try asking yourself, Why dont you make your own phone?, And another is that “BRANDED” phones are just expensive because of their name, TAKE NOTE: Almost all of the phones (Branded or not Branded) made in China. Or kung gusto nyo mas malinaw LABOR IN CHINA. UTAK MINSAN MGA GAGO

  7. Idiots. I have been using cherry mobile flare for 11 months now, i have been using it in saudi for 2months now, and i must say, di ito masisirain. It depends on how you use your phone.

    And take note, people here, filipinos, egyptians, yemens and arabs keep on asking me if i am using iphone. And my answer is always “no. Its cherry mobile”.

  8. very well said ilelouch…..mura na astig pa.

  9. tang ina nyo mga bobo.

    eh mga bobo pala kau e.

  10. Mganda talaga yung may mga name na phone, XPERIA, LENOVO, SAMSUNG, IPHONE kung may budget ka, pero ako CM COSMOS X parin ako, XPERIA nga phone mo eh kung GUNGGONG nman yung specs wala rin LOLS!!! hahahaha!

  11. for me its not the name or brand, its how the service of the phone itself no matter how expensive or valuable the important is how important the unit is…be proud of it.

  12. lahat ng gamit including phones, nasisira, nag-dedepreciate at nireremodel.. kahit pa yan na ang pnakamahal at pina class na celphone.. bakit ka bibili ng 25k, 30k, 40k na phone kung after months eh may lalabas na mas upgraded version.. tapos mag lalaway ka sa upgrade na phone na un at magsisisi ka dahil nagastos mo na ang pera mo sa unit na binili mo.. with CM being practical, you got the specs that you want in a low price.. at least pag may lumabas na ibang model at mas upgraded eh di ganun kabigat sa loob mag palit kasi di nmn sya ganun kamahal.. just be practical.. ang pera pinagtatrabahuhan at pinag hihirapan. hindi pinupulot lang.. well to those na gusto ung mga mahalin na units eh just go on.. its your money anyways… just be practical

  13. To those who are embarrassed using or showing their Cherry Mobile phones in public, the problem is in your head, not the image, brand, or quality of the phone. Nasanay kayo cguro sa branded phones kaya kayo ganyan. And please stop calling CM phones as “Chinese phones,” that’s not accurate. Halos lahat ng recent smartphones nila are rebranded smartphones from different telco companies around the world. For instance, the Flare series are made in India by Karbonn. Yes, you may accuse CM of not being 100% Pinoy – but again, it’s not fully Chinese either. My ever-reliable Cruize unit and my wife’s are now more than a year old…kahit minsan hindi kami pinalpak ng phones namin. However, my son’s Samsung Galaxy phone unit is already defective after only 3 months of use kahit maingat naman ang gamit. Wala yan sa brand, nasa paggamit yan or perhaps factory defect. As I always advise other Filipinos, always make INTELLIGENT judgments about everything, wag yung jologs-masa judgment – kabobohan yan eh. So far, I have received only good reactions from social people out there who happen to see me using my Cruize…akala kasi nila Samsung Note II, pero they give praises when finding out it’s a CM. 🙂

  14. It’s good to see that Cherry Mobile’s “rebranding” strategy on its mobile phones is improving by getting better phones. Kulang na lang sa improvement yung after sales services nila…they need a very good corporate training consultant to give their company better service image. Kudos to CM and other brands (MyPhone, StarMobile, etc.)! Buti naman at hindi dominated ang Philippines ng Samsung, Apple, and other costly brands.

  15. Don’t criticize Chinese-made phones. They’re doing us a lot of good by the “check and balance” effect their products are doing vs. expensive Korean, American, and European brands. Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, and ThL are Chinese made phones – yet, they’re very good makers of Android-powered smartphones. It’s because of them that China isn’t dominated by Samsung and Apple phones. Hindi na totoo ang stereo typing na “pag Chinese made, it must be bad.” China is now a force to be reckoned with in terms of technological products…kung meron man na palpak products – exceptions yun rather than the rule. So, if China has these good products to face off vs. the branded phones, the Philippines has Cherry, MyPhone, Cloudfone, Starmobile, etc. to protect our markets and pockets from the costly brands from Korea, US, and Europe…that is, if you are indeed practical.

  16. Curious lng ako sa storage, sna expandable. Im a proud CM omega hd user. Kahit sbhin nilang rebranded atleast wla nmn tong clone d gaya ng iphone at samsung. Nsa itsura n lng ng tao ang labanan. Kun ikaw ay mukhang myaman aakalain original samsung mo. Kun ikaw ay mukhang mhirap khit orig samsung mo nagmumukhang clone lng ang samsung mo kase sa itsura mong mhirap.

  17. Hi guys.. Before i have iphone 4s and switch to OHD, akala ko mag-sisi ako pero hindi dahil na satisfy ako sa performance ng OHD, hindi ko akalain na ganto ang phone na to pero sulit talga ang pera.. 5 star para OHD!

  18. si trina ang may SALA dito, dapat ikulong.hahahaha

  19. what about the battery life?

  20. eh mga hangal pala kayo e! praktikal lang kasi! sa panahon ngayon di na uso ang taong mayayabang na wala nmang sariling pera kundi mga galing lang sa mga magulang nila! eto sasabihin ko sa inyo wala akong cherry mobile though i can buy one! but of course i would choose OHD2x y? specs pa lang try nyo icompare sa iphone 5 niyo! o kahit pa sa htc niyo! wag lang sa sony! hahahaha well i’ll be honest im not a fan of cm though ever since ive been using an xperia phones coz i love them.. pero sa nakikita ko sa innovation na ginagawa ng CM i would be proud for cm kasi sariling atin! they can actually compete to other branded phones at tama ung isa sa top lahat ng niyayabang niyong phone e ginagawa lang din sa china! mga kaya wag kayong mag talo.. same thing lang din sa cm ginagawa sa china o galing sa china ang mga parts nila! at hindi naman na un issue sa ngayon dahil lahat ng phones ngayon karamihan sa china din ginawa!

    • You are right there jayp. Tsaka you can change you CM every 6 months para bago model palagi. Ung mga iphone jan 2 or 3 years sila magpalit. Sobrang obsolete na.

  21. Sa mga naninira ng Non-iPhone or Samsung phone. Better think baka nadale kayo ng false marketing strategy nabulag na kasi kayo sa brand and sa brand na lang kayo nakatingin. Try to check the specs and compare CM and other small players have the better specs VS the price. Para lang kayo nag compare ng Dual core na Sony Vio VS i7 Clone PC.

    Kung di kayo technical person you would not understand it.


  23. wala pa bang video review?

  24. if you will notice guys, kung flagship ng CM vs flagship ng Branded phone ang comparison, ang flagship phone ng local brands, most of the time, are specs of the older models of branded phones. Maganda sana ang local brands kaso nga lang may mga kulang na functionality, like NFC, camera quality, built, design, IP rating, after sales support.. Hindi naman name ang nagpapamahal sa flagship phones ng branded ones but the added features and functionality.

  25. Bakit ka naman mahihiya? Mas nakakahiya na palamunin ka lang at walang trabaho ay ang yabang mo pa. Hanggang ngayon ay Nokia 3210 pa lang ang gamit mo e sintanda na ni Bonifacio ang cell phone mo a.

  26. Pretty cool…pero sna yung design parang skyfire 2..
    At bkit yung RAM nya na nkapost dito magkaiba sa site ng CM..ang nkalagay 1GB lang..yung totoo ?

  27. The problem is hanggang ngaun wala pa sa market. Tingin ko paglabas nito natabunan na sya ng octacores. In fact, naglabas na ng octacore ang star mobile.

  28. Hayzzzz, ang haba na ng trend na to….iisa lang naman dito ang nang lait ng CM phones….i have Skyfire 2.0, my 4 year old daughter has CM Gem….well my wife had an Agua Iceberg (myphone) wala pa kasi OHD 2X kaya yon na lang nabili ko for valentines day…gusto kasi nya 5.7 screen… salute to CM and MyPhone users….

  29. Hello po. ano saan po ni-rebranded/oem itong Cherry Mobile Omega HD 2X? gusto ko na po kasing mag update ng firmware or OS. thanks in advance!

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