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Divoom iFit-1 Review

Divoom iFit-1 Smartphone Speaker

Divoom iFit-1 Review

Divoom is currently one of our favorite portable speaker brands that’s available here in the Philippines. What we like about them the most is that they have one of the most diverse line-ups of products which lets them cater to different market segments. The Divoom iFit-1 is a perfect example of how they’re trying to differentiate themselves by coming out with unique products. Unlike other portable speakers that are just small and have no other functionalities but loud volume, the iFit-1 has a pull-out tray which lets you effortlessly prop up your smartphone or iPod while listening to your favorite playlist.

Pull-out tray at the bottom
Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Divoom iFit-1

To plug-in your Smartphone you’ll just have to get the aux-in cable which is comfortably slotted at the bottom. Pull it out and just connect it via your headphone jack. After that, turn on your music player app and just sit back and relax.

Standard audio jack at the bottom.
What it looks like with the cable plugged in the headphone jack of the S3

So how does it sound?

The Divoom iFit-1 can get loud for its size but it’s really meant for personal consumption of audio. For example, you want speakers in your work desk or cubicle than this will do. Using this as your “boom box” while you’re in a party or in a big social gathering can’t cut it. To Divoom’s credit though, the sound doesn’t break up easily even when you’ve maxed out the volume.

Battery Life

Box says 6 hours. After our testing it’s pretty much consistent. Didn’t go less than 5 hours with our use.

Pricing and Availability

THe Divoom iFit-1 is now available in various gadget and audio stores. SRP is just Php900.

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