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iPhone 4S Showdown: Smart vs Globe Ep. 2 (San Juan & Ortigas)

Time to do more speed tests!

Unbox iPhone 4S Showdown goes to San Juan and Ortigas

Here’s the second episode of our speedtest showdown for the two telcos for the upcoming iPhone 4S. Today’s results were totally different from last night which was a very close call. This time around one telco performed exceptionally well on all the areas we visited. We picked public places (mostly malls) for our tests for San Juan and Ortigas and you’ll be pretty surprised with what we have to report. I was amazed myself!

Before we get to the results here are the test parameters:

Note that this test cannot be 100% conclusive since there are tons of factors that can affect mobile data speed like congestion and weather. Just take this for what it is: a barrage of speed tests that can hopefully help you make an informed decision on which telco you’ll pick. This is important since you’re signing up for a 2-year deal for this phone.

Here are our test parameters:

  • Speedtest iOS app is our main measurement tool.
  • DL speed has more priority than UL speed. However if DL speeds are too close to call we will look at the UL speeds as well and Ping.
  • Server is set to Hong Kong to make sure of telco neutrality in the results.
  • For succeeding tests we’ll do Youtube HD downloads (this will be in the next test)
Here’s the video that we prepared showing all speedtests:

To summarize:

One telco performed exceptionally well today.

We’ll do more tests tonight and tomorrow. Will keep you guys posted. For now though I have to give it up to Smart. You guys have good coverage in San Juan (specifically area around Greenhills) and Ortigas (business district and malls).

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  1. Please use the more standard (and common) Mbps unit on Speedtest. This is confusing. LOL. 🙂

  2. kalokohan naman yang speedtest why not try to download a specific file lol yung mga 20mb para mapatunayan

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