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iPhone 5C and 5S Coming September 10?

Is this the new iPhone 5C?
Is this the new iPhone 5C?

Two New iPhones?

As we get nearer to Apple’s big product event on September 10, more and more rumors are circulating about what they will unveil. If other bloggers, tech pundits, and reporters are correct, Apple will unveil two iPhones: the affordable iPhone 5C in different color variants and the fingerprint-sensor sporting iPhone 5S. Definitely interesting news but the big question is if these products will showcase Apple’s penchant for innovation or is this just an obvious play for them to go for another market segment by offering cheaper iPhones?

“C” in the iPhone 5C actually doesn’t stand for “Cheap”. It’s allegedly referring to the different color variants that you can get. The iPhone 5C is expected to have plastic backs that come in blue, green, pink, white, and black. It will ship with iOS 7 though which means it will deliver a new Apple experience to users. With regards to the price, the rumor is that it will sell for around Php10,000 less than the iPhone 5S so that comes out to around Php20,000 for the 16GB model? Note that this is all speculation right now so take this information with a grain of salt.

New iPhone 5C on the left
New iPhone 5C on the left

The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, will have slightly bumped up specs, the same screen size, and a fingerprint sensor for lock/unlock. It will also run on iOS 7 right out of the box.

Hopefully both devices will be much more than what we’ve been reading about. The iPhone 5C is a nice move by Apple since it will definitely give them more muscle to fend off the Android mid-range posse of Samsung and Sony. We’re just a bit worried about the 5S. It doesn’t look like a major upgrade from the 5 so we’re really hoping Apple is keeping a lot of things close to their chest and they still have a few surprises for us come September 10.

For more juicy teasers about both devices check out Australian blogger Sonny Dickson who seems to have a source from one of the sourcing companies of Apple. He has a lot of cool pics that you might want to see. 🙂

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