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Microsoft reveals “Surface”, a 10.6-inch Tablet

Looks… funky. XD

Microsoft announces the Surface 10.6-inch Tablet

Microsoft finally took the wraps off their latest product — a 10.6-inch tablet running Windows 8 Pro called the “Surface”. There are two options for the configuration: Windows 8 with Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge or Windows RT packing an ARM chipset.

The model with an ARM chipset will weigh a little over 1.5 lbs and has a built-in kickstand (see photo above). It will come with a vapor-deposited magnesium case (whut).

The Intel model will weigh heavier at 1.9 lbs but it will have USB 3.0 support and it will still retain the magnesium casing and the kickstand. You can go higher with the storage of this model though since you can pick between 64GB or 128GB. It will also have some sort of pen (stylus) technology.

You can also purchase some sort of Touch and Type Keyboard cover for either model.

Check out the promotional video of the Microsoft Surface below:

Now word yet on pricing or availability but we’ll definitely get to know more in the next few weeks.

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  1. Can Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro edit video already like videos in Adobe Premiere PRO?

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