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Musubo Cases for the iPhone 4/4S

Premium cases for the iPhone 4/4S at affordable prices!

Digital Walker brings in Musubo Cases for the iPhone 4/4S

There are a lot of cases available for the iPhone 4/4S but there are only a few that deliver style, protection, and function in one package. This is where the Musubo line of cases come in. Each case has a different personality that will definitely get the attention of people shopping for accessories for their iPhone 4/4S. Add to that the affordability and then you have a sure winner. The most expensive Musubo case right now is priced at Php1,200. Not bad considering a lot of brands charge much more than that.

Anyway we were able to secure three units for this article: the Elvis, the Matchbook Pro, and the

Musubo Elvis (Php1,200)

The Musubo ELVIS
A two-part case featuring a silicone skin and a polycarbonate exoskeleton.

Musubo Matchbook Pro (Php1,200)

Musubo Matchbook Pro
The back of the case is designed like a of matches. You can actually use the match sticks as a kickstand to prop up your iPhone 4/4S. Coolness. This comes in different colors including a black-red combination which is more for guys (since the one in the photo is obviously more for women).

Musubo Double X (Php950)

Musubo Double X
Single piece of TPU molded into a… double X. lol. Looks funky and gives your iPhone 4/4S decent protection from drops and bumps. Comes in different colors too.

Pricing and Availability

There are more Musubo cases which you can read about here. Like what we said earlier prices range from Php950 – Php1,200. The cases are now available in Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box stores. We were able to score our units in Digital Walker Eastwood. Last time we checked they still had stocks of all the cases.

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