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Otterbox Impact Series for the iPhone 4S Review

Otterbox Impact Series for the iPhone 4S!

Otterbox Impact Series for the iPhone 4S

Otterbox has always been one of my favorite brands when it comes to cases for my mobile devices. I have the Reflex, Defender, and Commuter for my iPhone 4. I got the Commuter for my HTC Desire S. I even got Otterbox cases for the BlackBerry PlayBook and the iPad 2. That’s why it’s a no brainer that I would get another Otterbox for my iPhone 4S. Instead of going for the Commuter (which is my favorite alongside the Reflex), I went for the Impact Series because it’s the only model I haven’t tried out yet. It’s the most affordable case offered by Otterbox but it definitely trumps all other silicone cases out there when it comes to protection! In my book this is one of the best cases in the market today because you truly get the value of what you’re paying for with this product.

Build and Extras

The Impact Series, unlike other Otterbox cases, just has one layer. It’s a durable and elastic silicone skin that covers the key points of your iPhone 4S keeping it safe from drops and bumps. The case is easy to put on as well since you just have to slide in the iPhone 4S in it and massage the corners for a perfect fit. When it comes to shock absorption Otterbox claims that they have an “innovative inner coring that dissipates impact force away from your device”.

Check out some of our photos below.

What the case looks like without the iPhone 4S

Side view. It definitely gains bulk but not as bulky as the Commuter or Defender. By the way the material makes it easy to grip. It won't just slip from your hands. :D

iPhone 4S perfectly snug inside the case!

Pricing and Availability

The Otterbox Impact Series for the iPhone 4S is available in Otterbox kiosks and Apple resellers. Some branches don’t have stock though. Most of the time their kiosk in SM Megamall (Cyberzone) usually has everything so you might want to get from there. It sells for Php1,400. It comes in Blue, Yellow, Black, or Red.

Before we go let me quickly share this promotional video of the Otterbox Impact.

With this case your phone looks great, feels good, and is safe. Not bad for Php1,400!



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