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Portenzo Notebook Style iPad 2 Case

I recently got the Portenzo Notebook Style iPad 2 Case and it’s turning out to be one of the best iPad 2 accessories I’ve ever bought. The case is sturdy, subtle, beautifully designed, and functional. It’s also something that you can’t find easily in Greenhills. In fact if you want one you’ll have to order online and wait for around 4-6 weeks to get one.

As the name suggests, the Portenzo Notebook Style iPad 2 Case closely resembles the leather black notebooks being sold in National Bookstore and Fully Booked. If you get the version with the elastic band it will look like a Moleskine notebook. With all the mugging on going around these days it’s not bad to not call attention to our gadgets right?

The external covers are made from genuine black leather. The material is definitely high quality and you’ll know this the moment you touch it. The cover has the Automatic Sleep/Wake feature that the Smart Cover has so your iPad will turn on/off when you open/close it.

What’s inside? First the inner front cover. It’s lined with a colored rich material (you can pick colors). It has space for you to write your name on if you feel like doing so. Next the actual place where you put the iPad 2 into. The frame is made from hand sanded American Maple (natural wood) giving it a truly remarkable look. It has rounded corners which gives the iPad 2 a snug by comfortable fit.

You can also order an optional stylus holder which they’ll put near the middle. I decided to get one since I’m a stylus user especially when I’m taking down notes during meetings or presentations. When I saw this I felt that the case was made and customized for my needs, hehe. 🙂

You can prop the iPad 2 up for landscape viewing. There’s no kickstand for typing mode and portrait viewing but this can easily be remedied by placing your iPad 2 in a certain angle on top of another object. This product would have looked horrible if they included a kickstand so it’s really fine by me that they didn’t.

To order a Portenzo, go to their website. Make sure you browse through their other products as well. 🙂

Price can range anywhere from Php4,000 – Php6,000 with shipping and taxes.

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  1. How much was the tax on this Portenzo case? Since I’d also like to buy one this Christmas. Thanks in advance.

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