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The New iPad: Available for Sale on Multiply!

New iPad now available in Multiply

New iPad now available for sale on Multiply

Waiting for the new iPad (aka iPad 3) to reach our shores? Well, the wait is over! There are units available in the Philippines with proper Apple warranties. Best of all, they won’t cost a major premium, an arm and a leg or your firstborn child to purchase like the gray market iPad deals of old., the country’s largest e-commerce marketplace, is selling the new iPad. Here are the two configurations available:

  • The New iPad, Wi-fi only (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) starting at P23,800.00.
  • The New iPad, Wifi + 4G (16GB, 32GB and 64GB) starting at P30,300.00.

If you think about it those aren’t bad prices at all. In fact I’m not sure if they’re slightly lower than the actual official SRP. From what I know the SRP of this is around Php23,990 for the base WiFi only model (this one is Php190 cheaper).

Multiply has a special order page where you can pick your new iPad as well as a few choice accessories. Check it out at:

You can transact in three ways: over-the-counter bank deposit, mobile payments, PayPal, and credit card – secure payment guaranteed.

As with all preferred merchants on Multiply Marketplace, buyers of the new iPad will enjoy Buyer Protection, that basically protects the user from non-fulfilling merchants. Here’s the lowdown on their Buyer Protection policy:

If you want to know more about the third generation iPad, read our review of the new iPad here. :)



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