Saturday , 7 May 2016
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Bamboo sings live on Magic 89.9 Boys Night Out

This guy rocks.

We stumbled upon these videos of Bamboo singing live during Boys Night Out on Magic 89.9 and we were just completely blown away by the talent of this guy. His voice is nothing short of phenomenal and he really gives life to the songs he sings regardless if they are his originals or covers. I embedded the top three performances that I liked, namely 214, Elesi, and Fix You. If you want to watch the other videos just explore the Youtube Channel where the videos are uploaded.

Bamboo sings 214

Bamboo sings Elesi

Bamboo Sings Fix You

Now that’s OPM. Epic. Win. Bamboo. You. Rock.

Good job Magic 89.9 and Boys Night Out! 🙂

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