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Powerbag Review

It's the Powerbag!

Review: Powerbag

We’ve been testing out the Powerbag for the last few weeks and we’re pretty much happy with it! The main selling point of the bag is that it has a 3,000mAh battery built into one of the pockets which can then charge up your mobile devices. It also is made from quality material making it very durable. It also doesn’t hurt that it looks awesome too! Anyway, check out our full review below with more photos. 🙂


There are different models of the Powerbag. The one we were loaned was the sling/body type. It’s not a backpack in the truest sense of the world since it just has one primary strap. You can wear it different ways though depending on your mood. For everyday use we usually wore it like in the photo above.

Side view if you were to wear it like a sling/body bag with the strap across your chest.

There are three major compartments. The biggest one is dedicated for your laptop. It can fit up to 14-inch models (a 15-inch Macbook won’t fit in the actual laptop sleeve slot) and it has a protective foam to keep it secure and safe. The next compartment is for your tablet. The third outer compartment is for your other mobile devices.

So how does the “Powerbag” work?

Like what we said above the Powerbag has a built-in battery pack in the external compartment. Three charging ports are connected to the battery pack and they extend into the third and second compartments of the bag. In the third compartment you’ll find micro-USB and mini-USB cables. In the second compartment you’ll find the Apple proprietary PIN cable (ideally for your iPad).

Cables in the third compartment
The Apple cable in the second compartment

The Powerbag’s battery pack has 3,000mAh. That’s good for 150% for your iPhone 4S or usual Android/BlackBerry smartphone. It won’t be able to fully juice up an iPad though, especially the new model since that one has a battery with more than 10,000mAh.

How do you charge the charger? Simple, you connect the bag to the charger and plug it to the outlet, lol. To see the current power left in the bag just press the button at the front and it will show you how much juice it has left.

Don't forget to charge the charger, hehe

Pricing, Availability, and Verdict

The Powerbag is perfect for people on the go who rely heavily on their gadgets. It puts checks on all the things you’d like for a work bag and more. It’s made from durable material which assures you your stuff will be protected and the bag doesn’t look bad at all!

The different models of the Powerbag sell in the Php6,500-Php7,500 price range. The different models include: laptop bags, briefcases, messenger bags, and more. Check their site for more product information.

Powerbag is available in Mobile 1 and Ansons the Link.

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