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Unboxing the Mutewatch

Mutewatch Philippines
Unboxing the Mutewatch

Mutewatch Unboxed!

Last week we shared the news that the Mutewatch is headed to the Philippines. This unique watch has already generated a lot of buzz from various lifestyle and technology blogs worldwide. It’s natural for bloggers to talk about this though because of how modern and stylish the product is. You’ll rarely find watches that are able to seamlessly blend both technology and fashion in one device.

Today we have a demo unit courtesy of our friends from Digits Trading. We’ll definitely take this baby out for a spin this week but for now we’d like to share with everyone our unboxing!


The Mutewatch comes in solid and hardened printed carton box. To open just remove the tapes at the sides and pull out the actual box. Here’s what it should look like before and after you pull it out:

Mutewatch box
Mutewatch box
Nice box right? hehe

To get to the actual watch just remove the top cover of the box and you’ll immediately find the Mutewatch looking back at you. At first the product kinda looks dull. You might think yourself “Did I just pay 12,000 for a baller band?” The magic really happens though when you put this on and start playing around with the various features that it has.

Mutewatch unboxed! Woot!

The box also comes with a manual as well as a thank you card from the company who made it. Here’s a quick photo:

To activate the Mutewatch just plug it in your laptop USB or a USB wall charger. The USB port of the watch can be found beneath the wrist strap. Quite ingenious actually.

Charge via USB

What’s so special about the Mutewatch?

The Mutewatch has motion control and a touchscreen interface. There are two ways to turn it on – you can touch the screen with your finger or your can flick your wrist towards you if you have it on. Once turned on it will show you the time. To check out the other features like Alarm and Timer all you have to do is swipe sideways.

By the way the alarm for the Mutewatch is set to vibrate. There are no speakers on this thing. Think of it as a silent reminder device.


To get a better idea of how this thing works, watch this short video:

I’ve been using it for the last few days and it’s definitely a great conversation piece. Never fails to get a “wow” once I start demonstrating the features, especially the wrist flick.

Pricing and Availability

The Mutewatch should be available by the end of this month or by early June at stores of Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Beyond the Box. SRP is Php12,950.

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