Thursday , 9 April 2020

About Unbox

(L-R): Colin, Johh, Jamie, Carlo, Tim, Alora, and Eason
(L-R): Colin, Johh, Jamie, Carlo, Tim, Alora, and Eason

Yo! What’s up? 🙂

Everyone has a “techie friend”. The one person that they go to when they want to ask for advice about the latest gadget that they’re thinking of buying. The guy that they go to when they can’t figure out a feature of their new smartphone. The person that they think of when their laptop goes bonkers.

Why do you keep going to this friend? Simply because he doesn’t use technical jargon when he talks to you. He can take something so complex and present it in a way that’s so understandable.

That’s who we are. We’re your “techie friend”. Our mantra is to write as if we’re just talking to a friend over coffee and we hope you enjoy your stay here with us. 🙂

Carlo Ople Editor-in-Chief


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    When is zte nubia x6 available and how much?

  2. Avatar

    hi! can you guys make a review of skytv+mahiwagang black box please! tyia!

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    Hey, mag suggest lang ako sa inyo, siguro mas mapapaganda yung mga unboxing kapag mapapaliwanag yung mga video niyo.
    Okay naman ata yung Camera na ginagamit niyo kaso masyadong madilim compare sa mga sikat na nag u-unbox. Kailangan lang siguro nang mga Lighting para maliwanag makita yung mga devices.

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    we are interested with mono rover r2, where and how can we contact you and order for the mono rover r2.

  5. Avatar

    i want it cherry mobile G1 buy pay yes ?
    what re u address

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    Hi! May I have your contact details? Preferably email. Thank you

  7. Avatar

    nakaka tamad mag net?

  8. Avatar

    do you have the flir one for android, how much is the flir one for ios

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    good day Unbox, just want to know, you posted a website where to order Cubot H1 if overseas, i was wondering how long will i be waiting if i order there? its not stated on the website, and is it secured? thank you

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    can u ship Microsoft surface Book Pro to Philippine address ?

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    I am your avid fan simula ng nahilig ako magsuggest ng latest gadgets sa mga friends ko, i can tell that i am your on field soldier, lahat po ng reference dito galing sa nagmamahal Jerwin avid fan since 2011

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    Melanie Montenegro

    Hi. Im looking for Focal xs 2.1. Are there still shops here selling old stock or pre-owned speakers? Thank you for your help.

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    Hi, I just wandering if already reviewed the ACER liquid x2

  14. Avatar

    How can I contact you?

  15. Avatar

    Good day! Who should I contact regarding advertising? Thank you.

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    Hi, Unbox team! I’d like to ask for your email for a possible feature for an app that I built. Looking forward for your reply. Thanks. =D

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    I miss two Elements in the reviews: The Call Quality and the Cellular Signal Strength (to be found under Settings/Info/SIM Info, dBm Signal Strength, Checking the different phones allways at the same place). Every Smartphone has its own capabilities, but every Phone is supposed to make calls in first place.

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