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Google Philippines is Searching for New “Web Rangers”

The Web Rangers Project: A Backgrounder

The Internet is a great source of wonder and knowledge. However, it can also be a precarious place to wander in, especially for young minds. At Google, the aim is to develop young individuals to help keep the Internet safe and ensure a thriving web environment through the Web Rangers Project.

The Web Rangers Project is targeted at teenagers, ages 14-20, 3rd/4th-year high school students to 1st/2nd-year college students. The students will campaign for the proper use of the Internet in their communities after participating in a workshop by Google and partner agencies. The seminar aims to share the value of productive and safe Internet usage and aims to enhance the students’ skills in effective campaigning through lectures and testimonials of industry experts.

The teens are challenged to make the best use of their social influence and spread their newly acquired knowledge and skills among their peers. The output from the participants includes producing educational videos and distributing them online, creating lesson plans, putting together workshops, presentations and more. At the end of the workshop, the most effective campaign is chosen by a panel and given support and spotlight by selected partners on various social media channels.

Last year, Google Philippines, together with the National Youth Commission, joined other countries including New Zealand, Israel, Turkey, India, Japan, among others, and launched the first Web Rangers program in the country. The focus then was on curbing cyber-bullying and teaching teens how to be a positive force online.

The Web Rangers Project 2016

This year, Google is working with the Department of Trade and Industry to promote digital literacy among the youth. The aim is to educate them on how the Internet is an empowering tool that can change their lives and the lives of the people around them.

Web Rangers will be recruited from different schools around Metro Manila. 50 Web Rangers will be selected and will be attending a one-day seminar with inspiring and thought-provoking speakers. The topics will focus on digital creativity, amazing innovations, and how to pursue dreams with the aid of the Internet. The workshop will also level-up students by teaching them new skills and experiences to inspire them into becoming productive role models of the online world.

Using the knowledge and skills they’ve learned from the workshop, the Web Rangers will be tasked to create a campaign on how digital literacy can help Internet users “level up” in the real game of life. The campaign can be a social movement, a digital campaign or any similar method. It’s all up to the students to flex their creativity and imagination on how to approach the situation.

The Profile of a Web Ranger

The Web Rangers are teenagers that have learned to harness the tools of the Internet and have used it to improve their lives and the lives of the people around them. They know how powerful the Internet can be and are willing to freely share that knowledge with others.

The 5 Main Characteristics of a Web Ranger

1. The Innovator – Someone who finds new ways of improving the ordinary and loves looking up DIY articles and videos online. He reads life hacks, tech blogs and applies what he’s learned from these in real life. Usual areas of interest: technology, innovation, development.

2. The Visionary – Where many don’t see anything to do, she sees the opportunity for something new. This is someone who usually searches for new opportunities on the web and makes the most of her time online by turning possibilities into real-life opportunities. Usual areas of interest: business, entrepreneurship, start-ups, financial literacy, advocacy.

3. The Creator – Someone who finds joy in creating art out of nothing and sharing it online. The intent is often to produce anything creatively for self-expression, to deliver a message, or to influence positively through mediums like songs, films, or photography. Usual areas of interest: arts, film, music, photography, cooking.

4. The Analyst – This is someone who loves to browse through everything and anything online. He thrives on researching facts, looking up supporting data, hunting for trivia, and retaining the knowledge along the way. He believes that the more you know, the more you grow, and is also very enthusiastic to share what he’s learned in forums and social media. Usual areas of interest: general knowledge, trivia.

5. The Inspiration – This is someone who is comfortable with the spotlight. She uses her talent to entertain and inspire and is willing to share her prowess in singing, dancing and other performing arts to those who want to learn or need a little bit of confidence to level-up. Usual area of interest: entertainment, performing arts.

For more information, head over to The Web Rangers Project’s website.

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  1. Kind of like this program. Para mabawasan naman yun mga taong sa facebook nag reresearch instead of using google. I kid you not madami sila mostly teens. Ni di marunong mag google.

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