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Because it is women’s month, let me digress from the usual phone reviews and articles and talk a bit about technology that also matters to women – smart appliances.  I honestly used to completely ignore these things until I got married almost a year ago.  Working and managing a household is not an easy task and I’m not even a mom yet!  I don’t know how working wives and moms do it.  They really are super women.  But still, even the strongest, most competent woman needs help from time to time.  That’s what makes smart appliances so awesome.

Have we run out of eggs? Should we throw out the milk? Are we doing laundry today? Why is our electricity bill so high?!?  These may seem like simple questions but many women would agree that these things add up and cause mental fatigue.  These concerns prompted LG to come up with smart appliances so women can take the load off their shoulders and focus on other demanding things and perhaps even have time for themselves.

One of my favorites is the LG Smart InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerator.  It’s not just beautiful with its sleek mirrored glass panel.  It also illuminates when you knock on it twice so you can see what’s inside the ref without opening the door.  That way, the food can stay fresh longer and you get to save on electricity too because there’s no need for the cold air to escape.  It has a Moist Balance Crisper so you serve fresh fruits and vegetables all the time while the Hygiene Fresh+ promotes air circulation to eliminate odor and kill bacteria.

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Modern Mom, entrepreneur and model, Mika Lagdameo-Martinez, invested in this smart appliance and she is very happy with her decision.  “The LG Instaview [is] officially the coolest, smartest, most amazing refrigerator you can ever have,” she writes in her blog.  She mentioned how the ref allows her to organize her groceries with its compartments but the feature she loves best is the Inverter Compressor as it minimizes energy consumption by as much as 32%.  With soaring electricity bills these days, that’s definitely an advantage.

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Kelly Misa-Fernandez, another busy, multi-hyphenate mom also invested in an LG Smart Appliance – the Dual Cool Smart Inverter RAC.  It’s a split-type airconditioner that reduces energy consumption by up to 70%.  It cools rooms faster and runs on minimal noise and vibration so nothing can get in the way of a good night’s rest.  It also sterilizes and deodorizes the air while repelling pesky mosquitoes with its ultrasonic sound technology.  With the intense summer heat about to hit us in the coming days, who wouldn’t want this?

If there is one task that’s time consuming and utterly exhausting, it’s doing the laundry.  LG’s TWINWash is an all-in-one washer and dryer that shortens laundry time as it can simultaneously accommodate 2 separate loads at 2 different settings.  The main washer can be used for regular load while the mini wash can take care of the delicates.  Unlike most washing machines, it has reduced noise levels and boosts energy and cost efficiency.  Its EcoHybrid technology saves water and shortens drying time.

Perhaps you can say that this is “tita technology” but heck, anything that saves time and energy is always good news for busy homemakers.  Now, women are more empowered to care for their family and have their much needed “me time”.

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