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A School That Teaches You To Jump (And Fall, And Crawl, And Climb)

To all those who still want to be ninjas, kung fu masters and Jedi–you must strengthen both the body and the mind. Check out this awesome school for Freerunning. How can you not want to attend class if this was your school?

If someone puts up this kind of school in the Philippines, please don’t forget to invite us! We probably can’t attend class anymore, but we’ll be glad to witness and profess the awesomeness.


Freerunning is not the same as Parkour. They might look the same, but Freerunning is a more showy art form of jumping and flipping around. Parkour is using your body efficiently to move around an obstacle course, which is why Parkour videos have less flips.

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  1. Great idea to put up a school like this. The methods should be incorporated in the grade schools! Before you even learn to run, you must learn how to fall. Before you even learn how to go fast, you must first learn how to stop! And life is really also about running … in the right direction, using the right momentum, and turning with precision.

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