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Showtime’s Recent 360 VR Video Is The Future Of Boxing Bouts

This is what you can expect in the next few years

Watching boxing matches are pretty straightforward affairs, with the producer and the director choosing which angle to present to you while two guys are trying to knock the other unconscious. That’s about to change, if Showtime’s just released VR video of the championship bout between Daniel Jacobs and Peter Quillin is any indication. Showtime says it’s the first ever full-length, VR video of a boxing match and while it’s not as immersive as you’d think (it’s still on the ringside, not in the middle of the ring) it’s still a vast improvement over the typical boxing coverage that you’re accustomed to. We’d love to see this kind of technology for Ronda Rousey’s rematch with Holly Holm – that would be a match to remember.

Showtime VR

To enjoy the match linked above, be sure to open it up either in Google Chrome or use Google Cardboard to view it.

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