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VIRAL: Age is but a Number to this 84-Year Old Pokemon Hunter

She has captured 237 different types of Pokemon to date.

We millennials may be Pokemon fans, but our love for Pokemon has been surpassed by this grandmother who calls herself a Pokemon GO master. We are not kidding guys: Singaporean Tan Nai Keow may be in her mid-80s, but she finds leisure roaming around with her iPhone 7 Plus (a gift from her grandson–how lucky of her!) playing Pokemon GO.

Since playing the game March last year, and dedicating one t0 two hours playing the game, Tan has caught a total of *drum roll* 370 Pokemon. Her collection comprises of 237 different types of Pokemon, which means that she has practically captured ALL of them, save for a few regional exclusive Pokemon. It does not stop there: She occasionally joins gym battles as well! Lola, how to be you po?

While this techie lola is passionate with Pokemon GO, she loves the game as it became her means of getting fit and keep her busy with her schedule, which includes morning tea and an hour-long Qigong sessions with her fellow attendees. ““The more I learnt about the game, the more my interest grew. For one to two hours, I wasn’t feeling lonely and was playing the game intently,” Tan said in an interview with TODAY.

And her next goal? To reach level 35–a status that most of us Pokemon GO players dream of attaining (I myself am stuck at level 20, hehe)

Don’t you wish you had a cool lola like her? Comment down below!


Source: TodayOnline


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