10 Ways Google Apps Can Help You Improve Your Productivity

Power through your WFH with these hacks!

Whether you are new to working remotely or used to it, a work-from-home practice will most likely be the norm as part of the new normal post COVID-19 pandemic. Google’s suite of apps is an essential part of our productivity work. From email clients, calendars, to videoconferencing, Google finds a way to help us improve our daily productivity.

Want to maximize your WFH experience? Here are some cool Google app features that you should check out:

Gmail: Schedule emails

One of the problems with a Work-from-Home setting is that there are times colleagues tend to send work emails beyond work hours and even on weekends. To solve this, Gmail has a scheduling feature where you can schedule when your emails will be sent to respect the work-life balance of others.

Gmail: have multiple inboxes

Want to keep your inbox organized? Gmail lets you create multiple inboxes based on rules you create so you can attend to more important emails faster than ever.

Meet: mute notifications

Being focused is important when attending a virtual meeting, and Google Meet lets you mute notifications forcertain time periods (from 30 minutes to 8 hours) so that you can stay focused on the agenda.

Meet: forward conversations

Should you receive a message while in the middle of a Meet videoconference, you can attend to them later on by forwarding those conversations to your Gmail inbox.

Chrome: Pin tabs

Working through multiple tabs can be a hot mess sometimes, leading to accidentally closing important ones (it has happened so many times to users). To solve this, Chrome lets you pin tabs to prevent you from closing them. While you can pin as many tabs as you like, Google suggests keeping your pinned tabs to less than 10.

Calendar: In-between to-do lists

If, by any chance, you have time to spare in between meetings, you can designate tasks that you can do during your downtime by adding a task through Calendar.

Drive: Create workspace folders

Dealing with multiple files can be a pain sometimes, especially if it involves different projects. Drive aims to make that easier with its Workspace folder feature, where you can add files and sort them per project.

Slides: engage your audience

When doing presentations with Slides, you can enable Audience Q&A to engage participants in asking questions. By letting the audience post questions, you can easily respond to them, making the whole presentation more engaging than ever.

Docs: Translate documents

Need to translate a document for you (or your colleague) to easily understand in their native language? Docs has a feature that translates text to your desired language in seconds!

Drive and Gmail: Offline mode

Need to work on a few emails and documents will not online? Gmail and Drive’s offline mode lets you get things done while there’s no internet, and resume everything once you are connected. To make this possible, Drive and Gmail store the data in your browser’s cache. In addition, Drive also allows you to download your data so that you can view them later.

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