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3 Things We Learned from Nas Daily

Photo courtesy of Nas Daily

If you’re a Facebook addict just like most of the Philippine population, you have probably heard of Nas Daily. He’s the guy you see in the photo below  — Nuseir Yassin — who produces a 1-minute long video EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He “quit a great job to build a great life” and as of today, he has produced 309 inspiring videos.

Photo courtesy of Nas Daily. And yes, he wears the same shirt in all his videos.

Now while most of us probably wouldn’t be able to quit our job to be a full-time content creator, that shouldn’t stop us from crafting something amazing and shareable online.  Inspired by his work, I immediately cleared my schedule so that I could attend his talk earlier today.

These are the 3 things that we learned from Nas Daily.

It’s all about the STORY.

While there is no doubt that his videos are visually appealing, what truly sets him apart from other content creators is the story he carefully shares in each of his videos. He said so himself that he is not a drone pilot, a travel vlogger, or a camera man. What he is is a storyteller and that, he believes, is what each and every inspiring content creator should be; share stories that are authentic and relatable in a way that has never been done before.

KISS – Keep It Short and Sweet

We’ve all heard this advice before but somehow, there are still videos that are waaaaaayyy too long to be interesting. This, he said, is the harsh truth: people just don’t care enough to give you that much of their time (unless you’re a famous celebrity). That is why his videos are only 1 minute long. He feels that he deserves only 1 minute of his viewers’ time. That, in my opinion, is why his videos are so great. He is able to tell a compelling story in such a short amount of time. The line “that’s one minute, see you tomorrow” just keeps us asking for more.

Choose Facebook

Now this is probably not advice that you hear all the time. After all, videos are meant to be on YouTube – or so we think. Nas Daily uses Facebook as his main platform simply because that’s where people are. In fact, his last YouTube upload was 6 months ago! Yet, the number of his Facebook followers has grown significantly, with a close to 300,000 bump since he started producing videos about the Philippines.

And yes, I am obviously one of his followers.

With that, here’s one of my favorite Nas Daily videos and I hope that it inspires you to create your own original content.


This woman I met said: "Nas! People just want to see the blue water and beaches!"Yes, but that gets boring if you just look at it from your phone!!! The islands have much more to offer. That's why I made this video! LIKE Nas Daily on Facebook!@NasDaily on Instagram for more nature picture and Snapchat for more nature videos!

Posted by Nas Daily on Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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