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3 Things We Like About the Sony RX100 Mk V

Sony announced the latest iteration of the premium compact camera, the RX100 Mk V, last October and we’ve finally been able to book some time with the device. So far everything’s been great with Sony’s monster compact and we thought we’d share the 3 things we like about the camera so far. Here we go!

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 Extremely Pocketable

The main camera we take with to events is the Sony a6300 and while it’s already a mirror-less system that’s definitely a lot smaller than entry-level DSLRs, it is still quite a hassle to bring around. The Sony RX100 Mk. V follows along the same form factor of its previous iteration, which means its still pocketable as ever. You can easily slip into your pants pocket, provided that you aren’t wearing skinny jeans, or takes up very little space in your bag.

 Never Miss that Special Moment

The perfect snap is often elusive. Yes, thanks to our smartphones, its a little easier to whip out a camera to take a photo but compact cameras still pack more features to better capture a great photo. If you’ve got kids, you know how challenging it is to get them to stay still for a photo for Lola but, thankfully, the RX100 has a fast hybrid AF system with the world’s fastest AF aquisition (0.05seconds) and the world’s highest number of AF points on sensor with 315 points that you can use to track subjects as you continually shoot at 24 frames per second; that should help get a nice shot of your kulit, little slugger or princess.

Great for Video

If you want to unleash your inner Wil Dasovich, Nicole Andersson, or you just want to take awesome footage of your family vacation then the RX100 Mk V is definitely one of the better cameras you can buy for that purpose. Just like the Mark IV, the Mark V is capable of shooting 4K videos or at 1080p at 60fps; combine that with the awesome AF system it has on-board and it’s gold! You can also play around with its HFR shooting mode that allows you to take super slow motion shots at up to 960 fps.

So there you have it, the three things we like about the Sony RX100 Mk V. If you want to check out its full specifications, you can check out the product page for Sony’s amazing compact camera. Take a huge breath though, because this little bad boy will put a significant dent on your bank account as it is priced at Php 56,999; it does come with a free 64GB SD card to handle shooting 4K and HFR footage though.

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