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3 Things You Shouldn’t Miss at the Sony Fair

The Sony Fair just kicked off yesterday and the iconic Japanese brand has taken over Bonifacio High Street. They have all their best products on display for you to check out and if you find yourself in the area,  here’s a couple of products you should definitely check out.


PlayStation VR

The biggest installment for the Sony Fair is nestled in between the two sections of Bonifacio High Street in between Nike and Krispy Kreme. You’ll find all of Sony’s Bravia series on display, but the biggest draw in this section is definitely the area allotted for the PlayStation and PlayStation VR. They have a few PS4’s setup if you want to kill some time, which includes a demo for Final Fantasy XV if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, and four (4)  PlayStation VR units if you’ve been on the fence about buying one the more recent hardware releases from Sony’s console arm.


Sony a6500

Team Unbox has been using the Sony a6300 for the greater part of the year. We’ve loved carrying it around for covering events, shooting videos, and even for a bit of personal use as well but the need/want to upgrade to the latest mirrorless camera from the Japanese brand is all too real when we saw the a6500! We’re raring to give the camera a go, which might result in a huge dent in the team’s budget. Our favorite feature added on to the a6500 — a touch screen. Thank goodness!


High-Res Audio Products

We’ve given you overviews for some of Sony’s audio line up on the site, which include: the Extra Bass Series and the H.ear Series. It’s really difficult to give you guys reviews for audio equipment because it’s one thing to describe how these products sound but it’s a whole other story to experience them first hand and the Sony Fair gives you a chance to do that. They have all their audio line up on display, but if we were to suggest a few things that you should definitely give a listen, it’s got to be the MDR-1000X noise cancelling headphones and — because we get stuck in traffic a lot — you definitely shouldn’t miss out on their high-res head units for your car. They sound absolutely superb!

We mentioned a few of their products in this article, but there’s definitely more to see. You can check out the Sony Xperia XZ and the rest of the Xperia X lineup, their Bravia TVs, and a whole lot more! The Sony Fair will be at Bonifacio High Street until December 18, which leaves you with more than enough time to check it out!

Jamie Inocian

A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.

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