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4 More Telcos Possibly Arriving To Challenge Smart, Globe


The more, the merrier apparently

A few days ago we told you about Avocado Telecoms, a possible third player in the long standing telco duopoly dominated by Smart and Globe. Apparently Avocado isn’t the only telecom whose franchise was approved by congress: four other local players are looking to make their mark in the local market.

Those players are Ama Telecommunications Incorporated Infinivan Incorporated, Metro Connections and Telecom Corporation and Megamanila Telecom Corporation.

Before we all start to celebrate the entry of five potential new players, keep in mind that franchise approval doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be challenging incumbents any time soon. It takes mucho capital to put up the infrastructure necessary, and even then that’s not a guarantee of success.

Even if these four new players manage to get the cash together, their access to the operating spectrum, the lifeblood of any telco, is limited. ICT advocacy group Democracy.net.ph has earlier stated that both PLDT and Globe already occupy nearly 80% of the available and allocatable spectrum in the country after the purchase of San Miguel Corporation’s telco assets. 

Earlier President Duterte has warned telcos that he is more than willing to let foreign telcos from China operate in the Philippines if both PLDT and Globe do not improve their service.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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    1. for wired think fibre…. the only way for really high speed reliable interent..ps that is not a spelling mistake, that’s how fibre is spelt iin English

  1. Hey you unbox.ph staff, could you please just use Disqus instead?

    in any case, wireless internet in SG and Hong Kong are so reliable. Metro Manila? duh.

  2. all this comments regarding what is best between a wired or a wireless connection.
    It actually depends on the area of the client. really.
    Just imagine if the client is living far deep on the rural area. With many trees as interference.

    also, pls use Disqus :/

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