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Android Instant Lets You Use An App Without Installing It

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This is what you call a gamechanger

Don’t you just hate it when you stumble onto a website that requires you to install an app to get any further? Well, that’s no longer going to be a problem with Android Instant. The quick version is that Android Instant allows an Android phone to use an app without actually installing it in your device, which saves storage space and allows you to use the app right now.

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Want to watch a cool Buzzfeed video but don’t want to install their app? No problem – just click on a link that leads to the app, watch the video and close it once you’re done. Android Instant allows you to open deep links from the apps of online shops as well, so you can peruse their shop, buy the stuff you want without having to install the app on your phone.

Android Instant

To make Android Instant a reality, Google Play simply downloads the modules of the app that are required by the user. For Android Instant to happen, developers will need to tweak their apps to be modular, though Google says that modification probably won’t take a long time to do. Even better – Android Instant isn’t simply relegated to Android N – the demo that Google showed was running off of a phone using KitKat, and the search giant says Android Instant will be able to work with phones running Jellybean.

Android Instant will be rolling out later this year via an update through Google Play Services.

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