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Arrest Warrant Out For Neri Naig-Miranda Because Of An Instagram Post


All of this because of Instagram

If you like reposting, retweeting or regramming inflammatory statements on your social media, take note: the wife of Chito Miranda, the front man for Parokya ni Edgar now has an arrest warrant issued against her because she regrammed (or reposted) an Instagram post by Danilyn Nunga, a former employee of Star Magic.

The photo (which has since been deleted) accused Clarence Taguiam and a friend Donna Marie Go of not sending a GoPro Hero3 that Nunga bought from the pair last April 30, 2015 that cost Php 7,500. Miranda reposted the photo on her Instagram account.

Taguiam through his lawyer asked both Miranda and Nunga to delete the photos and publicly apologize. While the pair deleted the photos, they did not apologize.

Taguiam then filed libel raps against both Miranda and Nunga in relation to Republic Act No. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

This case shows that anybody can file libel cases even if you are merely retweeting or reposting an image or meme. This is something that many of us are guilty of every day – we see dozens and dozens of viral posts and memes about regular people and personalities every day, and theoretically they’re all free to file libel suits on the people that share those posts if they were so inclined because of our Cybercrime law.



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