ASUS’ New ROG Gladius III Lets Gamers Fix Switches Easily

This is a mouse that'll last you a long, long time

One big Achilles heel of premium mice is that there’s usually nothing you can do to fix them if they start to double or mis-click. ASUS has found a way around this via their ROG Gladius by allowing owners to quickly swap out the offending switch with a new one easily. The ROG Gladius III builds on this easy to swap functionality with added support for 5-pin Omron optical micro switches, giving owners an even wider variety of options for fixing, and swapping, their clickable keys, thanks to ASUS’ Switch Socket II design.

The mouse has three connectivity options (2.4GHz RF, Bluetooth, or wired USB), a 19,000 DPI sensor as well as RGB lighting via Aura Sync, and a lightweight 89g body.

The wireless variant will be priced at $109.99 (Php 5.2K) when it arrives later in May.


John Nieves

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