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Asus Zenfone Max M1 Review: The Pint-Sized Battery King

Verdict: Lasting Power Over Lightning Performance

The last couple of years really saw brands duking it out in the mid-range but we’re seeing the battle spill on to the sub-10k price point as well. While there are a lot of choices to consider in this price bracket, there’s only a handful that offers the same lasting power that the “Battery King” line of devices offer. If you’re looking for a device that has the ability to last a full day without having to top it up with a power bank or a power outlet, the Asus Zenfone Max M1 should definitely make it to your shortlist. On top of that, you’re getting a nice and tall display plus a decent processing package that can still handle the day-to-day and a bit of gaming too.

This Pint-Sized Battery King, The Asus Zenfone Max M1, is priced at Php 8,995.

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Jamie Inocian

A self-confessed geek. Jamie started out helping out on the Unbox Podcast and became the Digital Sales Manager when he joined the team full time. He has since then transitioned into one of our Senior Editors and Head Video Producer.

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