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Bam Aquino Launches Senate Hearing On Nakaw Load

The probe starts today

Senator Bam Aquino will be conducting a senate hearing to investigate “nakaw load“, or disappearing mobile prepaid credits today.

Aquino, who is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Science and Technology, filed Senate Resolution No. 595 which will determine if the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) and other government agencies are capable of implementing rules that will protect prepaid mobile subscribers.

Huwag natin hayaang manakawan ng pera ang ating mga kababayan. We cannot ignore these consumer reports of the disappearance of prepaid mobile credits, including mischarges, hidden charges and errors in opt out mechanisms,” Aquino said in a statement on Sunday.

“Let’s check and ensure that our government agencies and regulators are equipped with the systems, equipment and technical capacity to determine the compliance of telcos,” he added.

Problems of missing or stolen load has long been an issue with both telcos, with the problem coming to head after a Facebook post of Feanne Hontiveros Mauricio detailing how he lost prepaid credits went viral.

Mauricio managed to trace the disappearance of his load to value added services (VAS), with GotDeals Mobile, a third-party VAS provider formally claiming responsibility for the problem.

Since then, Globe has tightened the rule on VAS, implementing stricter opt-in guidelines to make it clear to customers that they are signing up for a VAS subscription which incurs charges.

John Nieves

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  1. here’s a conspiracy theory

    yung mga attorneys at management nung mga globe at smart, alam nila na walang laws preventing nor regulating them to enforce yung mga “nakaw-load”. alam din ng mga ito na hindi sila makukulong or madedemanda.

    so itong senate hearing ay moro-moro lang para magkaroon nung “regulations” or “guidelines” na malulusutan pa rin nung mga globe at smart para maipag-patuloy yung “nakaw-load”

    ang magagawa lang natin bilang consumers ay magbigay ng “bad publicity” sa globe at smart na paguusapan nung mga tao ng ilang araw tapos makakalimutan rin…. kasi ma-re-realize natin na wala ng ibang service provider maliban sa globe at smart

  2. ang sabihin nyo, paEPAL yan si bam2 Faquin0! disipolo ni pan0t abn0y! pra tatakbo sa 2019. ungas yan at nghahanap ng pakulo, nagiingay na wla nman gnawa sa 6 yrs ni pan0t at ni c0ryk0ng. pwehhh…

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