Book Your Massage Uber Style with Zennya

Had a tough day at work? Got stuck in awful traffic? Feeling the aches and pains? You deserve a massage and we know exactly where you can get one.


Introducing Zennya, the very first massage app in the country that will bring a therapist straight to your doorstep – Uber style! What do we mean by that? Well, start by downloading the app to your phone; sign up with your Facebook or email then simply book your massage. Let us elaborate on that a bit further.

Once you’ve signed up and opened the app on your phone, simply choose from 2 massage techniques: Shiatsu or Swedish. Then, you can pick if you prefer a male or female therapist. After that, select if you want a 60 minute, 90 minute or 120 minute massage session. The price will vary accordingly. Once you’re ready, just book your massage and wait for your therapist to arrive. Zennya’s promise: that the therapist will arrive in 30 minutes or less. Booking is very easy because the screen looks incredibly familiar. It looks a lot like Uber so you won’t have difficulty navigating through it.

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So why choose Zennya over massage parlors that offer home service?

  1. Zennya’s therapists are pros and are accredited by TESDA. You can relax all throughout your massage because you know that your therapist is well trained and licensed.
  2. We don’t just let strangers inside our home. Zennya approved therapists have undergone background checks and have complete sets of documents to ensure the client’s safety.
  3. Much like Uber, Zennya has a rating system wherein the client can rate his / her therapist and the therapist can do the same for the client. Clients can also set their favorite therapists so the app will automatically match him / her to that particular therapist whenever he / she books a massage.


The rates of Zennya are very competitive charging Php400 for a 60 minute massage; Php550 for a 90 minute massage and Php700 for a 120 minute massage. The app is available for download in Android and iOS.



Lea Cruz

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  1. Be warn… This application/company bill you more than what they post.

    Always check your billing history to check and be sure.

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