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Breaking Down Galaxy S6 Edge Postpaid Offers of Smart and Globe

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Let’s Take a Look at the Offers of the Telcos

As expected the intense competition between Smart and Globe has resulted to a slugfest with their postpaid offers of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. To help you guys understand their offers we took a look at what you need to pay monthly and what services you’re getting if you’re going to avail of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (32GB model).

Smart’s Offer for Php2,230 Monthly
Php2,230 is the combination of the monthly service fee of Php1,500 plus Php730 which is the one-time cash out fee divided by 24 months. In terms of services customers get 7GB of Data, 120 All-Net SMS, 90 minutes All-Net Calls, and Deezer Premium for 24 months.

Globe’s Offer for Php2,349
Php2,349 is broken down into Php1,499 monthly service fee and Php850 for the one-time cash out fee divided over 24 months. For the services customers will get 5GB of Data, Unlimited Text and Calls to Globe/TM, and 3 months premium subscription for either Hooq or Spotify. You also get 15% discount for accessories of the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge.

Here’s a comparative table of both. Apologies for the small font, hehe. You might just want to download it to your PC and zoom in.

Postpaid Plans

So to sum up everything in two sentences:

With Smart you get more data (+2GB), limited calls and texts to ALL networks, and Deezer Premium for 24 months.

For Globe you get less data, unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM, 3 months premium for either HOOQ or Spotify, and the 15% discount on an S6 Edge accessory.

Which one should you get? Well you guys are intelligent peeps. We’ll leave that decision to you guys. Take a look at what your digital lifestyle is and match it to the plan that you think will suit you the best. Don’t forget to take into consideration the strength of the network on where you’re always at.

What we recommend to a lot of friends is that you test this by getting prepaid SIMs of both telcos and check for yourself at the places you visit the most the reliability of the data and SMS/call prowess of the networks. It will definitely vary per location so nothing beats actual user experience.

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  1. Nice plans. I would like to give smart business but my online postpaid application for the recent LG g3 was rejected. Worst, I had to make follow up myself via their fb page otherwise I have no knowledge that my application was rejected. No good customer service.

    Can’t understand, they’re offering postpaid yet you must first pay 1 month advance subscription. It’s just like prepaid already. Postpaid means use service now and pay later, am I correct?

    1. Yes you are correct that postpaid means use service now and pay later. The first month advance subscription is applied on your first month bill, so, you’ll have zero charges on the first bill you will receive. And be charged as you consume the service thereafter.

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