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Brita Marella water filter system

The Brita Marella pitchers helps improve the quality of water in our home. Brita is a product of German technology.


Drinking water is the easiest way to regulate the human body’s normal temperature, and is the easiest way to get rid of waste. However, due to weathering from the elements on water pipelines, most tap water has myriad elements that, when ingested in large amounts, can be harmful in the long run.

The solution is definitely a water pitcher line of water filter with a built-in filter to get rid of those elements. A water pitcher line of water filter like the Brita Marella water filter system.

Whether you’re cooking or drinking water, the Marella helps eliminate substances affecting odor and taste, reduce carbonate hardness, and environmental impact on the body—such as elements from weathered water pipes. Plus, its unique design has aesthetic appeasement that is sure to turn heads and excite anyone using the pitcher.


For almost 40 years, BRITA has been among the leading experts in the field of water optimization. The Marella is priced at Php. 1,390.00


It starts with the Maxtra filter in each and every Brita Marella water filter pitcher, which has numerous health benefits when installed. It permanently absorbs from the drinking water elements such as lead and copper – elements which when absorbed into the body in large quantities can lead to vomiting, nausea, brain damage and diarrhea. For toddlers and infants, putting their drinking water in a Brita Marella pitcher for filtration, then boiling their drinking water and cooling it immediately means lowering the risk of heavy metals and pesticide residue absorption.

The Brita Marella’s ease of usage extends to those that want instant gratification when discerning whether or not a Maxtra filter cartridge needs to be replaced, or when having to fill up a Brita Marella with water. You don’t have to take out the entire lid to fill a Brita Marella with water; the pitcher has a flip top inner lid that makes water filling easy. Plus, you don’t have to open the lid and take out the Maxtra cartridge to check if the said cartridge needs replacing. An electronic “memo” reminds you if the cartridge is still useable or not. Lastly, if you feel that the Maxtra filter that comes with every Brita Marella water filter isn’t enough, MAYON CONSOLIDATED INC, has an introductory promotion (for a limited time only) where an extra Maxtra water cartridge is included for every purchase of a Brita Marella water filter system.

The Brita Marella stands out due to its various filter housing color options: the Jungle Green, Funky Purple and Classic Blue.

The Brita Marella water filter ease  of usage also extends to its storage capabilities. The pitcher’s dimensions make it a cinch to fit inside a refrigerator door, or inside a dishwasher (sans the lid) for storage or cleaning. No more wracking your brains on how to fit the Brita Marella pitcher inside your fridge or dishwasher; the compact size of the Brita Marella allows for more storage opportunities.

The funky part comes from the various colors of the Brita Marella water filter system. Whether it’s on the dining table, the kitchen counter or the living room table, the Brita Marella stands out due to its various filter housing color options: Jungle Green, Funky Purple and Classic Blue. They make each Brita Marella easy to recognize and utilize, since they’re not hard on the eyes. Plus, their standout colors make for good conversation pieces, and pleasant interaction of that sort is always beneficial to human health.

Brita Marella’s water filter system line of pitchers make drinking water healthier and easier—and funkier as well.

Brita products are available at leading department and hardware stores nationwide.






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