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Build a Minimalist and Clean WFH Space with These Gadgets on Sale!

In our last guide we went through the absolute necessities of building your wfh setup, a chair, a desk, and a lamp. Now let’s give it both form and function with a no-distraction, efficient, clean minimalist setup. To achieve this, we’ve curated a list of mostly wireless tech that will provide a clean vibe to your desk without giving up the functionality you’re going to need to get all of your tasks done. Check ’em out below:

A Sleek Wireless Mouse

Logitech M557 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse: From Php 2500 to Php 1599 on 7.15 Sale

Don’t let the simplistic design of the M557 mouse from Logitech fool you, it comes with programmable buttons and a hefty battery life! It’s also incredibly elegant and smooth which will enhance the over-all aesthetic of your workspace. You can already “ADD TO CART” now because come the Lazada July 15 Sale, it will be on a massive discount. Supplies will definitely run out fast. Check it out it here.

A Smooth Wireless Keyboard

Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth wireless Keyboard: From Php 2,690 to Php 2,138 on 7.15 Sale

Have a more enjoyable typing experience with the K380 keyboard from Logitech! It’s definitely a good buy for its minimalist design, per- key travel, and dedicated multi-media buttons. It also works with multiple devices such as your laptop, mobile, and tablet. Check it out here.

Subtle Wireless Speakers with Power

Bose SoundLink Micro Bluetooth Speaker Midnight Blue: From Php 6,990 to Php 5,941.50 on 7.15 Sale

The Bose Soundlinks are small in design but big in sound quality. It also helps that the colorways are awesome.  It will be on sale this coming Lazada 7.15 Sale so make sure you add to cart now so you’re notified when it’s already available at a great price.

Silent but Powerful Wireless Standing Smart Fan

Mi home Smart Electric Fan: From Php 10,999 to Php 3,789 7.15 Sale 

Here’s another option for cooling your work area. This smart fan from Xiaomi comes with an internal battery and has a wireless feature! Shop it here.

An Affordable Wireless Cool Desk Fan

Joyroom USB Mini Dual-Head Fan: From Php 1,050 to Php 638 on 7.15 Sale

Let these simply designed fans from Joyroom cool you down. Despite its size, the dual blade setup for this fan kinda gets the job done. It’s already affordable but it will even go on sale during the upcoming Lazada 7.15 Sale.

Awesome Trash Bin with Sensors

Konco 15L Smart Trash Can: From Php 3,889 to Php 1,763 on 7.15 Sale

Is it a “need”? Nope. But it does come in uh… handy, that you don’t need to touch the lid of your trash bin and potentially expose yourself to bacteria and viruses. Shop it here.

Fast Wireless Charging Dock for Your Gadgets

STM Goods CHARGETREE Multi Device Charging Station: From Php 4,190 to Php 3,026 on 7.15 Sale 

For the Apple ecosystem fans out there, charge all of your gadgets in one neat compact area with this wireless charger from STM. Less wires, more juice! Take advantage of the sale and get it at a great price here.

A Desk Portable Ref to Keep Your Drinks Cool

Baseus 8L Portable Refrigerator Mini Fridge : From Php 10,900 to Php 7,295 on 7.15 Sale

Sometimes you can’t even be bothered to stand up during your work sessions, and with your beverages inside this mini fridge from Baseus, that’s one less reason to do so! Check it out here.

A Suave Monitor that Takes Care of Your Eyes

Asus VL249HE Eye Care Monitor – 23.8-inch, IPS: From Php 7,650 to Php 7,450 on 7.15 Sale

The VL249HE from ASUS is a clean looking monitor that sports a 23.8 inch IPS Panel with an eye care feature to boot. If you’re looking for a bigger display for your laptop or a simple display for your desktop, shop it here.

And that’s it for this week’s picks. Hopefully after this guide, even your simple work station will look IG worthy! We’ll be sharing more good finds soon. For the mean time, make sure you add the gadgets you’re going to purchase to your cart as the Lazada 7.15 Sale draws near.

Til then, keep those spaces clean, compact and cool!

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