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Build Your Own Postpaid Plan with Smart

Refreshed Postpaid Plans

If you’re looking to re-contract with Smart, looking to switch over from a different network, or maybe feel like it’s time to move on from your Prepaid account, this is the perfect time to do it. Smart is refreshing their Postpaid Plans to give you more options that cater to your usage, but they come bundled with more mobile data, all-net calls, and you can even send texts all you want to friends who may not be on the same network.

Flexibility is the Key

As we mentioned above, Smart’s new postpaid plans are about giving you more flexibility. If you’re on a tight budget, plans still start for as low as Php 399 but you now has 3GB of mobile data instead of just have 1GB. If you want to like binging on videos while you’re making the commute back home, maybe you need to go from Plan 999 that now has 10GB. The new postpaid plans come with free access to Facebook, Viber, and WhatsApp as well.

It’s also up to you to whether or not you want a new phone to go along with your plan, Just know that whatever plan you choose, the device’s cash out will be added on to your monthly bill.

Here’s a rundown for the plans their offerings and their data allotment:More Add-ons

You can customize the plans further by adding on one of Smart’s Flexibundles, more call, text, and data options, even a subscription to digital content care of iflix or Fox+.

To learn more about Smart’s new postpaid plan, head to their website. For more stories about Smart, click on the links below:

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  1. It’s only a good deal up to 999 if you don’t want a phone to go with your Plan. If you want a phone with your plan, you’re better off with an All-In Plan 1200 and just pay for the cashout. You get a shorter contract period, a subsidized phone, and a consumable plan where you can subscribe to their flexibundles for data, calls and texts.

    If you want a phone with your Plan, remember that you’ll be paying for your phone on top of your plan FOR THE WHOLE 30 month period. For an iPhone 7 128GB, a 7 Plus 32GB, that’s an additional P2000 every month FOR 30 months. Just compute that for a minute and you’ll see that instead of a subsidy, you get charged a whole lot more for the phone compared to their SRP. If you’re going to choose Postpaid Plan 1499, you’ll be paying 3499 for months. At that point, you might be better off subscribing to Smart Infinity. Their Delta 3500 has 40GB data allocation (more than twice the 18GB allocation of Postpaid Plan 1499), unlimited texts, 450 minutes on-net calls + 300 off net calls (compared to the paltry 60 minutes of calls on Postpaid Plan 1499). With Delta 3500, you can get an S7 or a 32GB iPhone 7 for free (24 months) or an S7 Edge if you opt for a 30 month contract. If you want a 128GB iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, the cash out is still a reasonable amount.

    You can even compare Postpaid Plan 2999 to Delta Plan 3500. Delta Plan 3500 has a shorter contract period, similar data allocation, more than twice or thrice the voice allocation, and a free phone. Why no Filipino tech blog has never covered the ramifications of this plan is beyond me. That’s original content right there! An analysis of a new postpaid plan is a whole lot better than some article that reads like a sales pitch that could be found on all the blogs that covered this postpaid plan.

    tl;dr this is the worst and ill-conceived postpaid plan out right now.

      1. I agree… Smart’s New Plan is not really good. It says build your own, but for the said amount they already have a bundled Data + SMS + Call on it, from Globe, you can opt for all Data no calls and text with the subscribed plan

    1. I agree… Smart’s New Plan is not really good. It says build your own, but for the said amount they already have a bundled Data + SMS + Call on it, from Globe, you can opt for all Data no calls and text with the subscribed plan…

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