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Bureau Of Customs Launches Live Stream Of Office Operations

Customs livestream

The Bureau of Customs has officially soft-launched the livestream of its office operations today, allowing anybody with an internet connection to take a peek at their offices.

The move hopes to instill transparency in one of the most corrupt agencies in the government.

Anybody who wants to take a peek at the 40 or so cameras installed in the BoC’s main building can do so via the IP address of, and inputting the username of guest1 to guest10, and using the password password123. Only 10 people can view the stream for now though, unfortunately.

After logging in, you’ll be able to view the entirety of the BoC’s office, which includes Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon’s office.

“We are now online! The public should expect everyone in BOC to be seen,” he said in a statement.

As of now logging in to the stream is challenging to say the least. You’ll need a 32-bit browser (in 2016!?) to be able to log-in, but not before installing a browser plugin. The BoC’s Management Information System And Technology Group (MISTG) says that they’ll be removing the login system so that more people can view the stream, though has not specified exactly that will happen.

More cameras in other locations are also expected to be installed, including the Port of Manila, Manila International Container Terminal and the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.


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  1. This should be implemented in all govt office so the leaders can randomly check their employees… Also this gives the people a way to know Kung busy o Hindi ung opisina pag pupunta sila

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