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Caltex Launches Improved Fuel Formulation

Caltex raffled off this vintage pump that has been converted into a fridge. So awesome.
Caltex raffled off this vintage pump that has been converted into a fridge. So awesome.

The last time Caltex launched new advances to their fuel was a decade ago,  when they introduced Techron that helped keep engines clean — I’m sure you all remember the classic commercial that showed gas boys cleaning the insides of an engine. Caltex with Techron prolonged an engines lifespan and helps it run as efficient as possible. Today, they introduced their fuel line that now has a new active ingredient the company is calling — Clean and Glide technology — taking what they’ve done over the past 10 years to a whole new level.

Compared to their previous Silver offering,  their 5-star fuel with Clean and Glide, is able to reduce friction by 41 percent and metal wear by 38 percent in tests conducted in closed environments. Prolonged use also allows for the build up of Clean and Glide molecules to make sure your engine stays lubricated and running smoothly. With this new active ingredient,  they’ve also bumped up their Gold fuel variant to Platinum. Platinum contains 50 percent more Clean and Glide tech making it act faster so you feel its effects sooner.

The new fuel will be available in all their gasoline grades and in all Caltex service stations by July 1.

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    1. I think your mind is too constrained to the idea that “tech” sites are for cellphones, tablets, and the like. If you had time to complain about it, take also some time reading the meaning of technology. You’ll know this would be a legit article classified under tech.

  1. Too much focus on using fossil fuels when there is already a hydro powered technology right here in the Philippines… Hayz…

    Kung yan ang i-feature nyo dito, malamang mas mamumulat ang mga tao…

  2. Hindi ba baying technology yan? Bago diba? I personally found this article useful. I’m sure a lot of others will.

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