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Cases VS. GrabCar, Uber Dismmissed

Uber and Grab
And progress continues as planned

Both GrabCar and Uber has had their fair share of legal battles in the country lately, namely against transport groups complaining about their unfair advantage over more traditional means of public transport. Well, the two ride-sharing apps can now rest easy, for the time being anyway – the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) has dismissed all the motions filed by 1-United Transport Koalisyon (1-UTAK) against the ride-sharing apps because of lack of merit.

1-UTAK pointed out in their motion that ride-sharing apps like Grabcar and Uber are infringing on equal protection of other public utility vehicles when its comes to franchising, and asserts that the use of surge pricing is unfair compared to the legal hoops that they face when it comes to raising fares on PUVs.


John Nieves

John is a veteran technology and gadget journalist with more than 10 years of experience both in print and online. When not writing about technology, he frequently gets lost in the boonies playing soldier.

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  1. What GrabCar & Uber offers is another form of transportation that commuters may avail of. It’s still the choice of the passenger if they will avail of their service or go with the other forms (i.e. Jeepney, Bus, MRT, LRT, Rented Vehicles, UV Express, Shuttle Vans, Tricycles, etc…) when they need to go from one place to another. You are provided the amount you will be charged prior to availing of their service so you can decide to get the ride or not. I don’t get the reasoning of 1-UTAK of “equal protection” when every mode of transport have their own method of accreditation with the government & with their corresponding fare scheme.

  2. I havent ride Uber or Grab! Just a quick two questions, how much is the flagdown rate? are they paying taxes and franchise fees?

  3. grab has partner taxis operating the same but if you book a ride with them they charge a fee (booking fee) it also depends on the time peak and off peak hours
    with grab car (private cars) and uber they charge you by the distance, demand of rides within the area and time also contribute to what they call surge that can double or even 10 times your fare cost
    in terms of franchise, i believe that they both have franchise from ltfrb they get their cut from the fare you pay to the driver

  4. Here’s what I think. If the cab drivers aren’t that “PICKY” of passengers then probably they will still have better profits than the app based drivers.
    Dear Cab Drivers, come to think of it. Why would we try to flag you and ask you to bring us to our destination if we weren’t willing to pay the price?
    I bet the answer would be “ang layo”, “out of way”, “traffic”, “may sundo ako sa ano e. kung sa ano sana”.

    I think this petition is total b*lls**t. Waste of time! Non-sense!

  5. Grab or Uber picks u up in your place/home and no need to go out the street to wait for luck. Estimate rate is given before hand to ur destination. If too much peek surge during ruch hours (normally Mon & Fri) still u got the option not to use and to find an alternatives ride. Both have new/nice vehicles and no pesky complaints from the driver which is the biggest difference. Even if u prefer different routes it is still the same rate u selected. Both now I beleive has cash and credit card options thou I go Grab mostly even in airports they can get inside. Just download their apps and register free. Life got even better with these new alternatives, if u want premium they even have a helicopter for a price. They continue to add and innovate to be even better that traditional rides all in the click of your phone. Just try. I never regret it! Love it so far (except for the sudden surge).

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