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Cebu Judge Delivers Verdict to Pokemon Go Trainers in Her Courtroom


Have we all been taking the recent PokeCraze too far? One judge in Cebu seems to think so and has dropped the gavel on the hugely successful gaming app and the trainers planning to catch ’em all in her courtroom. Judge Honorable Yvonne Cabaron Artiaga, who was appointed to her post by Former President Benigno Aquino III at the MTCC (Municipal Trial Court in Cities) Branch 3 in Cebu , posted a warning on the podium of her courtroom stating:

Under pain of contempt, Pokemon catching inside the court is strictly prohibited. Justice may be blind but it can see Pokemon catchers. Violators will face fine and imprisonment.

It doesn’t end there as the Judge from Cebu has also posted notice on her door to any lawyer or litigator who thinks they can catch another Ratata or Pidgey in her office, saying:

Lawyers and Litigants, there is no Pokemon in my chamber. I will use to the full extent my contempt power for any Pokemon related disturbance. Knock at your own risk.

According to our source, Hon. Judge Yvonne Cabaron Artiaga issued the warning after a couple of trainers playing the popular game while court was in session.

We certainly get how addicting the game can be, but please remember, fellow trainers, that there is a time and place for everything. Please be respectful of the people around you, the events you happen to be in, or in this case respect authority figures; especially when you know that she can put you behind bars for trying to be the very best that no one ever was.

Stay safe and keep your heads up, folks!

Source: Inquirer.net

Jamie Inocian

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