Chinese H-6K Bomber Spotted Over Scarborough Shoal


It looks like there are still tough times ahead for our Filipino brethren who are trying to make a living though the bountiful natural resources found in the Scarborough Shoal. The United Nations may have ruled in favor of the Philippines, but reports immediately came in that the Chinese government has blatantly chosen to reject the tribunal’s decision and continue to bully our fishermen out of the area. One news story by CNN Philippines actually captured 4 Chinese Coast Guard vessels surrounding a local fishing boat and “escorted” until it was a considerable distance away from the Shoal, depriving them of their catch and their livelihood.

If that wasn’t tough enough to watch, a photo on Twitter posted by China SCIO shows a H-6K Bomber flying over “Huangyan Island” and it is truly alarming.


We’re no experts when it comes to planes or bombers, but according to a source, the H-6K is essentially Beijing’s version of the B-52 Bomber and is equipped with advanced electronics plus powerful, precision weaponry. It may not have the range of the B-52 and carry less missiles but we’re guessing its more than enough air support to keep us away.

As to the future of the Shoal, we can only hope and pray that it can be resolved in a peaceful manner so the people who depend on the ocean may once again fish freely and safely.

Source: War is Boring, CNN 

Jamie Inocian

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  1. the chinese are bullies. they think they can get away with anything because of their standing army and their economic clout. sarap lang ubusin ng mga hinayupak na ito.

  2. This is not only a matter of livelihood of such people but also the security of the entire country.

  3. The chinese are just waiting for the philippines to respond and attack first. That’s why they are not attacking us. They know that they are superior.

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