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Comcast Will Raise Data Caps From 300GB To 1TB


Will this ever happen in the PH?

Comcast, one of the biggest internet providers in the US, is trialing a higher data cap for customers come June 1. The company is raising its data cap from 300GB previously to 1TB once summer starts in the US, and is said to be preparing for wider rollout after it trials the higher caps in select US cities.

Why the extremely generous data allotment? Well, according to them they’re starting to see more and more people go over 300GB data cap that they’ve set for regular users, from just 2% of their userbase in 2013 to 8% by 2015. That higher consumption of data is driven by more data hungry internet services like gaming, video streaming and media-rich websites.

A 1TB data cap is already pretty generous, and most people (including us) would probably have a lot of trouble trying to consume that. We’re hoping that local telcos like Smart and Globe follow suit, even if it means increasing the data caps that they give to their customers by 100GB. Come one guys, we’re not greedy – plus the times – they are a changin’. Typical consumers use more data now compared to a few years ago.


John Nieves

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  1. This is for fixed (i.e. not mobile) internet connections. The mobile data caps in the US are just as bad as what we have here, although at least their net neutrality rules prevent carriers from having the mess we have here where they sell separate data allowances for social, music, navigation, etc.

    For fixed connections, we actually have it better, since most of our ISPs offer plans with unlimited data. Our internet speeds are still shit though, unless you live in an area with fiber.

  2. NO TO DATA CAPS!!! Data caps are a scam by telcos to squeeze more money from their customers.

    Congestion Management? Please. Don’t be fooled. Don’t settle for data caps.

  3. I will point out that people use less data because they can NOT and i repeat NOT or UNABLE to load 1080p content because of slow speed, therefore we lose LESS data from the disability to even have a nc stream load of 1080p goodness.

    Now to the main topic, this is a CAPPED FIXED BROADBAND LINE, not wireless. Their wireless plans are just as expensive as Smart, Globe and Sun.

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