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Converge Announces Speed Boost Across All of its FiberX Plans

Competitively-priced fiber internet plans for everyone

Converge surprised everyone before 2018 ends with an announcement that they are offering a speed boost to all of their plans. Those who are currently subscribed to FiberX 2500 now get up to 75mbps (up from 50mbps), while those subscribed to FiberX 3500 can enjoy speeds of up to 150mbps (up from 100mbps).

Those who are subscribed to FiberX 1500 just need to add Php 99/month on top of their current plan for an additional 10mbps speed boost, giving them speeds of up to 35mbps.

The speed boost is offered to both new and current customers, giving Converge an edge in providing competitive prices for fiber internet.


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  1. I already applied for the speed boost for plan 1500c however parang mas bumagal un internet connection ko? Please assist me in this matter.

  2. Until now im still waiting for my installation, why it took so long? i already paid my initial amount and still no installation.. when you will install my internet connection? its already 2months since i fill up and subscribe.pls do something about this… thank you..

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