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Converge ICT Offers Fiber Plans Up to 100Mbps


Up to 100Mbps with Fiber X Plans

We’ve been seeing more and more Converge ICT service vehicles running around the metro and it seems like they’re really ramping it up in the hopes that they can poach business from the larger telco companies. They’ve recently released their new FiberX plans for the home with a pretty competitive price to speed ratio. Here’s a quick look at their FiberX plans:

Converge ICT FiberX Plans


According to their disclaimer, these plans have a minimum speed of 30% and a service reliability of 80%. If you find yourself in areas that may not be covered by the bigger telcos, you may want to check if Converge ICT is available in your area as they have been expanding from Northern Luzon and to select cities in Visayas and Mindanao. We have have a couple of friends who have availed of their service and, so far, they’ve been happily streaming and downloading more games from their steam library.

For more information on Converge ICT and a look at their SME or business plans, visit their website by clicking here.

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