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Could the Yahoo Breach Be Larger than Initially Reported?

Last week,  we reported that Yahoo! had confirmed that they had been a victim of a security breach in 2014. This breach was said to have affected 500 million Yahoo accounts, but a former executive from the company says it could have well been anywhere from 1 to 3 billion. The unnamed source,  who is said to be familiar with security and is still in touch with company employees says,  the estimated number could be more than what Yahoo had confirmed since it was its central database that was breached.  According to our source,  Yahoo has yet to comment on this ongoing investigation.

If you’re only catching wind of this story now and happen to be using Yahoo’s services,  you may want to change your password immediately. As they say,  better safe than sorry. 

Read: Yahoo Confirms Massive Data Breach,  Up to 500 Million Accounts Affected

Source: Mashable

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