Court of Appeals Backs Government Mandate to Phaseout 15-Year-Old Buses

Unbox 22 - Bus Phaseout

The Court of Appeals (CA) upheld the government’s mandated phaseout of 15-year-old buses, Rappler confirmed in a report on Tuesday.

The Court of Appeals’ 12th Division, spearheaded by Associate Justice Maria Elisa Sempio Diy, with Associate Justices Ramon Bato Jr and Manuel Barrios concurring, rejected a petition filed by the National Confederation of Transport Workers and other transport groups questioning the phaseout.

The CA upheld the constitutionality of Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) Order No. 2002-30 and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Resolution No. 2013-001, which ordered the phaseout of 15-year-old buses and its strict implementation, respectively.

The CA declared that the government’s power to regulate public utility vehicles in the interest of public safety was valid. “The reason is obvious: life is irreplaceable, property is not. When the State’s exercise of police power clashes with a few individuals’ right to property, the former should prevail,” the court’s 18-page ruling said.


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