Do you feel the effects of the Network Modernization of Globe?

Phase I is complete. Do you feel it?
Phase I is complete. Do you feel it?

Phase 1 of Globe’s Network Modernization Complete: Do You Feel the Change?

According to news reports Globe has completed Phase I of their network modernization program. They’ve been very aggressive in communicating that the network modernization would radically improve their services ever since they started having problems last year. Here’s an excerpt from the ABS-CBN News article announcing the completion of Phase 1:

Emmanuel Estrada, head network strategy of Globe Network Technology Group, said in a statement that all of the company’s cell sites nationwide have been replaced with the newest state-of-the-art equipment.

“The first phase of the modernization is practically done. We have immediately moved to the next phase of optimizing our new equipment for maximum performance. This concludes the modernization of our access network,” Estrada stressed.

As you guys can see they’re already done with replacing all the cell sites with their “state-of-the-art” equipment. Phase 2, according to the report, is optimizing for maximum performance.

This brings us to the main question we’d like to ask you, our Unbox readers, do you feel the effects of Globe’s modernization program? Do you have less dropped calls and delayed messages? Is your internet faster? Do you get HSPA+ more than G and E on your data?

Please do sound off in the comments section below as we’d love to hear feedback from all of you.

Here’s another article about the network modernization completion from Business World.

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