DOT Sec. Tugade Wants to Remove Appearance Reqs for Driver’s License Renewals

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Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade wants to streamline driver’s license renewals by removing its appearance requirements provided they have not committed any traffic violations, according to a report by Inquirer.

Along with the extension of the driver’s license to five years, Secretary Tugade said that he “dreams” of making the license renewal process automated and “technology-dictated” for law-abiding vehicle drivers.

“Dream ko din po na yung renewal sa five years, will be technology-dictated. Kung wala kang violation, kung wala kang citation at wala kang nagawang iligal na kung saan naka poste sa mga datos, yung renewal po e technology dictated. Wala ng physical presence sa LTO or sa LTRFB,” Tugade remarked during the hearing of the Senate committee on Wednesday.

Tugade said they were working on a “kiosk-style” application where drivers will only need to interact with a machine to renew their licenses.

“Yung kiosk-style where the service providers magtatayo ng kiosks sa LTO. Applicants will just follow the process, fill in the blanks, then they will just be interacting with the machine. You automatically address the problem of fixers,” he said.

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Source: Inquirer


  1. para sakin, every 5 years na nga lng, dapat may personal appearance para makita talaga if fit to drive. baka putol na paa o kamay o bulag na yung driver

    1. I think personal appearance is also needed, 1 day every 5 years isn’t a big deal, also they should update the photo on the license, maybe just have separate lines or separate renewals for pro and non pro? and just streamline the process

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