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Duterte Camp Puts Crowd-funded Scratch Card On Hold Due To Legal Requirements

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A for effort though

A few days ago we told you about the plans of Duterte’s camp to use scratch cards to fund the Davao Mayor’s campaign, effectively asking the masses to fund his 2016 Presidential ambitions. While it has been hailed by many as a breath of fresh air as far as soliciting for campaign funds go, the plan has hit a major roadblock.

According to media bureau head Peter Laviña, their plans have been foiled by regulations put in place by the Commission On Elections in regards to donating funds to a candidate. While the scratch cards themselves are legal, people who buy them (thus donating to Duterte’s campaign) are required by law to execute and sign a notarized Report of Contribution, which needs to be filed 30 days after the election either by the donor, candidate or political party.

This applies to each and every scratch card sold, which includes the paltry Php 25 amount which is the lowest denomination available. Obviously, the legal requirement is too much of a hassle for many people willing to contribute, though the rules were put in place for bigger donations and not small, sachet-like contributions that was the focus of the plan. Nevertheless, Laviña doesn’t like it one bit.

“Obviously these rules are meant for a very few big donors and DID NOT consider mass donations like Piso-piso or the scratch cards. Truly unfortunate because trapos freely received illicit funds from drug lords and are not under the radar of the Comelec, while legitimate donations from Maria and Pedro have to go through the rigors of bureaucratic maze,” he says on his Facebook page.

John Nieves

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  1. bureaucratic maze !!!

    really ???

    or you are just sour graphing !!!

    because you overlooked
    what you should know
    in the first place !!!

    sabi ng ni duterte :

    “garbe sya oh…

    tang ina oh !!!

  2. Paano nasama sa tech article itong kampanya ni Duterte eh pagbebenta lang naman ng prepaid cards ito? Nasaan ang gadget dito?

  3. this article is totally fine. as long as it gives an important and relevant information. I learn about this duterte card first from Unbox. This what we called adaptation.

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